Untitled_Co: Artisinal Furniture & Home Goods

Cody and Ali, of Untitled_Co create products out of forgotten, unwanted, and discarded materials: byproducts of the manufacturing world. Cody has been creating physical objects in one form or another since he was young, carving wood block reliefs in his garage. Ali has a background in Photography and Art Direction and Cody, a Sculpture degree. After meeting in College they found their creative practice blending together; constantly talking out ideas and collaborating on projects.  


These days, instead of ordering mass amounts of lumber from a huge mill, Cody and Ali connect with local shops to collect unwanted materials, reclaiming these for future projects. As they grow and expand, they hope to implement new ways to lessen their global impact on the environment, while providing beautiful, sustainable design.


So how did they get their name? “Untitled” is a reference to all artists throughout history who didn’t find urgency in naming their work – “there is something beautiful about having the desire to create something visual with your hands + heart and not being able to describe it with words.”

Untitled_Co Website



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