About the Blog

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Manufactured Dissent is an independently produced blog focusing on established and emerging visual art, film making, choreography / dance, music, conceptual art, new media, interactive art, design and writing. We provide people w/ an online venue to discuss/ highlight/ showcase their work and creativity. All information and images contained on this website remain the copyright of the creators. No elements of this website may be used, reprinted or transmitted without the permission of the creating artist. Our featured artists represent an array of artistic talent and expertise. Manufactured Dissent promotes artists by spotlighting work, events and exhibitions. Through presenting and making accessible emerging artwork, Manufactured Dissent becomes a resource to diverse, extended communities of artists.

how it works

Manufactured Dissent is an online arts magazine focusing on diverse artists dedicated to creative exploration. Embracing multiple forms of expression, our site serves as a platform for artistic endeavor and achievement, as well as an interactive resource for art communities. We are interested in interviewing artists & designers who work in any medium, including: pen and ink, illustration, handmade books, paper making, textiles, knitted goods, metalwork, woodwork, handmade crafts, handmade toys, collage, sculpture, paint, mixed media, music and fashion. To contact Manufactured Dissent regarding interviews, or with tips, suggestions, comments, product announcements or ads, email: mandisart@gmail.com


Since its inception on February 1, 2007, Manufactured Dissent has been able to establish itself as a contributor to the contemporary and alternative arts scenes and has presented numerous works in the performing, visual, and interdisciplinary arts.



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