Featured Artist: Daniel Muniak

More often than not he can be found foot-racing cheetahs and grappling grizzly bears. Combined with his dedicated work ethic and spontaneous charm, Daniel provides painterly composed narratives that could simply be described as impactful. Mostly working under the influence of vitamins and caffeine he’s exhilarated by Americana and cinema, and so chooses to voice his stories through the medium of photography. Although he works predominantly with digital materials for the sake of speed, his visual style resonates with cues of classic Renaissance paintings, causing his work to be a purée of modern methods and timeless appeal.… Read More Featured Artist: Daniel Muniak

Featured Artist: Mike Bell

Age: 52 Hometown: Atlantic City NJ Current town:  Northfield, NJ Job description:  Artist Upcoming projects:  Larger scale Black & white twisted portraits Select links: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/3832468/Artists-striking-portraits.html What are you working on/ describe your work.  I paint the juxtaposition of iconic pop culture subjects combined with modern day situations and elements. The result is predominately figurative with… Read More Featured Artist: Mike Bell