Featured Artist: Danny Simmons

Age: 62 Hometown:    NYC Job description:   artist Select links: http://www.dannysimmonsarts.com/ Bio: Danny Simmons, Jr., is an American abstract painter from Queens, NY. Simmons brings an equal passion to the written word, thanks to his father, also an outstanding poet. The elder Simmons’ example during a time of racial strife and social upheaval impressed upon Danny the importance… Read More Featured Artist: Danny Simmons

Spoken Word Poet: London Bridgez

Age: Old enough to be your big sister 😉 Hometown: Boston Upcoming projects: 2013 Color Junkie EP release Rosie: Tribute to Negro Work Songs Select links: http://www.LondonBridgez.com http://www.twitter.com/londonbridgez http://www.youtube.com/londonspokenword http://www.facebook.com/londonbridgez143 Describe your spoken word/ music: My work revolves around two concepts: love and the female experience. Do you play any instruments? Harmonica Do you record… Read More Spoken Word Poet: London Bridgez

Cohen Asher / Alien Architect —-> Artist, Musician, Vocalist, Writer :::: An Interview :::

Do you have a FB page dedicated to your artwork? Please friend request Cohen Asher, that’s me 🙂 ☮ ☯ ☂ ✈ ☮ ☯ Name: Asher Cohen Age: Three hundred and sixty million years old Hometown: globularity Current town: the PH to the illy 🙂 Job description: manifest mantra main ☯ Bio: As for Cohen Asher,… Read More Cohen Asher / Alien Architect —-> Artist, Musician, Vocalist, Writer :::: An Interview :::

Featured Artist: Lauren Curtis

Age: 46 Hometown: Colonia, NJ Current town: Franklin Park, NJ Job description: Full time visual artist Bio: Lauren was a featured artist on the Science Channel‘s TV show Oddities in December, 2011 through June, 2012. She has had artwork and poetry published by greeting card and crafter companies, magazines and historical organizations, including the Middlesex County Cultural… Read More Featured Artist: Lauren Curtis