Featured Artist: Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

You’re also a musician. Tell us more about this. I do an experimental
noise / soundscape project with my husband called Astral Knife. I mostly
do violin and vocalization. He does percussive stuff and distorted
sound sculpture. I like putting these things together, I mean you can
go from these very martial war drums and shrieking glossalalia to something quiet and sparse to being very dark ambient. … Read More Featured Artist: Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

Jessica Stafford

Jessica Stafford lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jessica graduated from San Diego State University in May 2006 with her BA in Painting and Printmaking with an Art History Minor. Jessica enjoys oil painting, photography, drawing and mixed media. She is interested in examining ideas of gender and exploring ideas of femininity. Artists that… Read More Jessica Stafford