Featured Architect and Bio-Inspired Designer: Ilaria Mazzoleni

Hometown/ Current town: Sottochiesa, Taleggio Valley, Northern Italy and Los Angeles, CA. Ilaria Mazzoleni is an architect, biomimicist, and the founder of IM Studio Milano/ Los Angeles. She lives and works between Italy and California. Her conceptual work in the fields of sustainable architecture and biomimicry has been published internationally. Her research focus is biomimicry, where… Read More Featured Architect and Bio-Inspired Designer: Ilaria Mazzoleni

Artist Interview: Adel Souto

Adel Souto is an artist, writer and musician from Miami, currently living in Brooklyn: Hometown: Miami, FL Current town: Brooklyn, NY Job description: manager at Infernum Tattoos Bio: Artist, musician, writer, troublemaker. Upcoming projects: A Joyous Swastika; a series of wood plates (12×12 and 7×7) with a swastika pattern, using vibrant colors not normally associated… Read More Artist Interview: Adel Souto