Featured Artist: Al Johnson

  Name: Al Johnson Hometown:  Hollis, NY Current town:  Philadelphia, PA Job description:  Fine Artist Bio: Al Johnson, illustrator, fine artist, educator and mentor has developed an artistic style that captures the classical, weaves it with the contemporary to create bodies of work that exemplifies his individual style. Spiritually connected to his work, his mix… Read More Featured Artist: Al Johnson

Featured Artist: Saeideh Gilani

Age: 35 Hometown: Tehran Current town: Philadelphia Job description: Student Upcoming projects: Working on New collection with new theme: biological. What themes and concepts does your work generally revolve around? My works are Abstract and the annunciation of formation of endless new shape. What materials do you work with? Totally Acrylic but in some cases mix media. Where do you work? In my… Read More Featured Artist: Saeideh Gilani