Featured Director: Vasily Ovchinnikov

Name: Ovchinnikov Vasily Age: 26 Hometown: Tyumen, Russia Current town: Moscow, Russia Job description: Art-director / Filmmaker / Photographer What themes and concepts does your work generally revolve around? Dead or sick beauty; there is something there, I do not really understand what. What are you currently working on? A movie called “Go to the… Read More Featured Director: Vasily Ovchinnikov

Coyote: animated video by Christiane Cegavske

Coyote, a sorrowful (and romantic) stop-action film, is the newest animated work by Christiane Cegavske (creator of Blood Tea and Red String, which if you haven’t seen it is one of the most amazing full length stop-action films ever). Music: Mark Growden’s song Coyote; words by Deke Weaver. Christiane also has paintings and artwork available… Read More Coyote: animated video by Christiane Cegavske