Featured Writer: Kisha McDougald

Her eyes. Those grey & brown jewels carefully concealed by thick beautiful lashes and perfectly sculpted eyebrows. It’s like I’m being hypnotized by them. We are locked in on each other and I can’t turn away, can’t break contact. This is the moment that I realized that this is far more than a random fuck. Not really random. I mean I kinda know her. I’ve seen her around, we’ve flirted. There was a definite attraction but I had no idea it would lead to “this” or be like “this.” As I near exhaustion this feminine beast once again has her way with me but this time her sex is not so savage. It is more so focused and purposeful. An act that requires her total concentration. This woman wants to leave her mark on me………… Read More Featured Writer: Kisha McDougald

Featured Artist: Jillian Keats

Name:  Jillian Keats Age:  22 Hometown:  Lakewood, NJ Current town:  Bloomfield, NJ Job description:  College senior, retail zombie, gallery manager, artist’s assistant, fine art photographer, frontwoman, earthling. Bio:  South Jersey native, I have always had a passion for creating in any way possible.  Upon attending Montclair State University, I decided to funnel all my creative… Read More Featured Artist: Jillian Keats

Hassen Saker

What are you working on? Oh, that’s a loaded question to start with! I’ll try to keep to my purely creative projects, rather than the documentary films and interviews, social network organization and entrepreneurial stuff. That being [not] said, I’ve been working on a multimedia ‘novel’ project for over 20 years, which spawns sub-projects via… Read More Hassen Saker