Featured Artist: Erica L’ Etrange

Name: Erica Mounsey. Photography name: Erica L’ Etrange Age: 26 Hometown: Babylon, NY Current town:  Philadelphia, PA Job description:  Photographer/Waitress/seeking other opportunities Upcoming projects:  Alien Project, 2-D Project, Haus of Lilith project   Describe your work. My work mainly revolves around Surrealism. I want to be the storyteller and have my viewers question the universe.… Read More Featured Artist: Erica L’ Etrange

Andrew Dyer

Tell us a bit about your art, and about the costumes you wear? I studied with my teacher Rosemary Geseck at The Baum School Of Art in Allentown, PA from 1988 to 2000. Rosemary allowed and encouraged people to develop their own style. After taking college level painting classes at age 14 and winning statewide… Read More Andrew Dyer