Featured Artist: Juan Gomez

Age: 47

Hometown/ Current town: Philadelphia, Pa.

Bio:  Juan Gomez is an American artist of Puerto rican and Dominican descent living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts earning his Master’s Degree in painting.

He has won many awards through his art practice over a three decade span. His art is covered by the media: radio,  television  and internet.  Juan Gomez is a locally and nationally recognized artist.

Many of Juan’s works of art are in private and corporate collections all over this nation and abroad.

Juan Gomez has exhibited his work in many prestigious museums and galleries throughout the United States; such as, the Deshong Art Museum, The Lapelle Galleries, and the Rosenfeld Galleries.

Upcoming projects:

Two Person Exhibition: called “Reflective Harmonies.“  Opening night is April 15th 2017.

The Moody Jones Gallery.  Location 107 Easton Road Rd. Glenside Pa. 190380

Selected works by:  Juan Gomez and Pedro Fuller.

Duration of show,  one month.

Select links:


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiy0Ztw1-rxc_83-InalzNw https://youtu.be/oid_5ufk_Mc

Quantum Physics 2017 resized

Describe your work:

My series of artwork entertains pieces of vanity, popular culture and everything modern fashion can display. A mirror Image of looking perfect with fractures which includes flesh and materials. How these are made. First I constructed a collage version from magazine cut-outs, acrylic paint and other materials. Then I used that as a still life to draw and paint from, by copying the collage …

Medium: Acrylic & watercolor on paper.

Fashion, lust and everything that has to with a party. Just having fun with the outlook of paying the price, whatever it is.

Another vision of American Beauty of the Masses with a little flavor. Mind you these are done as a statement for popular culture worldwide,  generalized in a small format.

What are you currently working on?  On a series of abstract works on paper, getting away from the narrative subject matter. After drawing for over thirty years those portraits, figures and work with a narrative nature;  one just grows tired of the same cycle. That part of my art will not leave me, it’s just on hold for now.

What materials do you work with? Acrylic paint, graphite pencils and occasionally water colors.

What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?   I’m an avid sketch book practitioner. Always working on projects. For example: I completed a series of videos of my art practice, self-published in YouTube.  Art is a daily routine for me, whether in my studio, traveling or other activities dealing with the creative process.

What’s your art background?  All of my life has consisted of art: High School Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) , College: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), 4 year certificate with honors and a Graduate degree (MFA) which I received in May of 2016.

Untitled Three 7 x 7 12 inches 2013 resized

What’s been happening in your life? Transition of sorts, after graduate school just recovering from the intense work.  I’m 47 years old starting all over again..a change of employment is coming soon,  because of the new student loans borrowed for this MFA degree.

I am involved in a project in Los Angeles which will be revealed and confirmed in the summer of 2018.

What’s next for you? Hmm?? Like a needle in a haystack, where is my next exposure? Who am I going to work with? Projects come and go..a constant horizon with many levels. This interview is what is next for me and that project in LA.

Describe your current state of mind. Preparing for a two person exhibit,  opening night Saturday, April 15th. Waiting to finish that Show URG!!  Just to continue work in my studio on art. Obligations are annoying,  but necessary to continue the creation of art.

What’s inspiring you? Woman, nature and travel…those are the basics. Art is in every fiber of my being. Can draw anything at a whim..just do it, must do it..like eating good food every day.

Untitled Two 7 x 7 12 inches 2013 resized

Do you have any other exhibits coming up/ past exhibits you’d like to mention? Just the current Exhibition called “Reflective Harmonies“ which includes my work and Pedro Fuller’s art.

Is any of your work political? No, I tend to stay away from period work. That type of art in time becomes dated and after a time dull.

What are you trying to communicate with your art? The human experience, relationships and controversy..and recently abstract non-narrative work.

What is one of the biggest challenges you face as an artist? Exposure, finding homes for the collection of art I’ve created over three decades. Not that art doesn’t sell… Just looking for consistent clients to purchase and/ or fund me so I can eventually make my art the only source of income.

A Beauty With a Crash resized

What do you dislike about your work? Everything! Never satisfied with any one piece. Always find problems to solve…The day I become satisfied with my art, that will be the end of my art making.

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet? Photography/Film…..digital, just no time to do what I really want to with it! Ever so frustrating.

What is your dream project? To produce an Art Movie.

Are you involved with any organizations? International Art Guild of New York.

Do you regularly collaborate with other artists? Yes, only for art exhibitions and special projects with the Media.

Scull Bath, 1993 drawing 9 x 12 Resized

What are a few favorite spots in your area? The Parkway and the Philadelphia Art Museum. South Philadelphia Italian restaurants…New Jersey Shores.

People in your field whom you most admire:

There are so many…just going to mention two: Jean Michel Basquiat and Pablo Picasso. Why? Basquiat was the first self taught mega art star. Not only self taught but innovatively raw to the max! He literally drew like a child. Basquiat did what Paul Klee, Cy Twombly and even Picasso tried to do, without success. Pablo Picasso, the quintessential master of many art styles,  remained honest to his never-ending thirst for anything art! The first to change art views worldwide, now it is a global industry standard.

Currently I admire the works of Danny Simmons: Poet, artist and advocate for the Education of arts in Philadelphia and New York. His Rush Arts Foundation helps communities in these two cities by furthering art and culture education to children. He also offers exhibitions to emerging artists in both cities.

What are you reading? George Orwell’s “1984.“

Favorite authors, fiction: William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Dan Brown.

Favorite authors, nonfiction: Phoebe Hoban, Lt. GEN. Harold G. Moore and Joseph Galloway, Robert Hughes and James J. “Jim“ Cramer.


Favorite comic strips/ comic books/ graphic novels? Marvel’s  X-Men, D.C.’s Justice League and many more.

What are you listening to these days? Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Tupac Shakur, Duke Ellington and Wynton Marsalis are among the many I listen to at any given time.

What was the last show you attended? It was at the Jazz club “South,” I don’t remember the name of the Quartet playing.

What was the last exhibit you attended? At the MOMA in New York…various shows on all 6 floors.

What was the first piece of artwork you bought? Do you buy a lot of artwork? A photograph by Jeffrey Tirante in 1990. Over two decades I’ve collected art; I still do when given the chance.

Your website(s):






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