Featured Artist: Alien Architect

We last spoke with Alien Architect, aka Devin Asher Cohen back in April of 2013Since that time, he has moved to Mexico, created an art gallery with his amore, LILIPUT, and had numerous shows featuring his work in both Mexico and here in the States, as well as Hungary, Japan, Spain…. 


Devin Asher Cohen /Cohen Asher Dev/ Alien Architect —-> Artist, Musician, Vocalist, Writer, Being :::: Una Inter Inner viewing :::☮☮☮☮☮☮

Age: 300, 3001 soon on December 104th 20016, which is next month ☮☮☮☮☮

Name: Cohen Asher, Devin Asher Cohen, Alien Architect


Hometown/ Current town:  from Philadelphia, now living in Mexico


Job description: mixed media abstract artist, musician (drums, piano, guitar, bass,  silence, etc..), writer, vocalist, being…….   y mas….. y no definitive definite definition identifiable identity…..  indefinite, possibly boundless……..

Bio:  Devin A. Cohen is Cohen Asher is Alien Architect is Dev, a multifaceted multi-instrumental multidisciplinary artist musician writer, experimenting with words, visuals, sounds; you name it. All Praises is one of seven books in the Remnants book series by Devin A. Cohen.  In 2014, after many other Alien Architect records and projects and touring and drumming in many bands….. Arteria, Alien Architect’s experimental trip hop music poetry record was released….


Upcoming projects: Remnants (an anthology book of my/Devin A. Cohen is Cohen Asher is Alien Architect is Dev writings from 2005 to 2016), the different sections of Remnants will also be released as 7 separate books as swell…. and upcoming exhibitions, art works, concerts, many events and exhibitions at Liliput Gallery in Mexico, trails to paths of years of historical content being shared, sprinkled, and seedlings dropped… ever so slowly approaching this new record…


Devin A. Cohen, Cohen Asher Dev, Alien Architect links:












Describe your work.

my work is pixey fairy dusting corners like glue cosmic…. intertextual…… collapse into the non-localized universality denominator till……up/down dichotomy reversal dissolvent solvent….. and when words become wordless……… give in… all praises… all love…… joy peace kindness… gentleness…….. letting go…. shedding layers ….. being IS ❤


?What are you currently working on?


300 new paintings, a book entitled Remnants. it’s many of my words from about 2005 til earlier 2016.. many are words reworded a bit from my Alien Architect albums which had always been planned to be presented this way one day, that day being now; albums including Back Then (presented as Then in Remnants)

https://soundcloud.com/alien-architect/sets/back-then-full-album, Identity:Complex (presented as Identium in Remnants), Arteria http://alienarch.wixsite.com/arteria, Brillitos Azul (which es Spanish for Blue Sparkles): a Caricature Skeletal https://soundcloud.com/cohen-asher/sets/alien-architect-brillitos-azul, Alien Architect Band EP or Self Titled (i.e. definer as definee/definer is the definee)

https://alienarchitect.bandcamp.com/album/alien-architect-band-ep. And the rest being my writings, poems, and so forth that will likely be in my future album(s), these writings being from the past few years prior to this Remnants book [All Praises, Remnants].


?What materials do you work with?

☮☮   i work with states of being, consciousness, perspectives, perceptions, self and no self, other’s shoes (some times the metaphorical simile shoes are second or third hand and sadly upon closer inspection these shoe’s soles’/souls’ come from labor’s exploitative or from materials not of mi agreement ideally… [one painting from a thousand years ago that my me created en actualidad did use a single shoe and laces on canvas actually…….]), “thick soul as thick skin – – being past interior,”,,, and love bare footedness …. in doors y en general 🙂 ……… also work with unschooling and unlearning sorts of sentiments and experientials with notions of different concepts and approaches of and to the idea of “work” and such forth…… and also embracing it and all todos 🙂 also me “works”  with altruism, dissipation and static. paints, objects, sounds, thoughts and no thoughts, counter arguments to every thought which passes through as if radio satellite signal as well as no argument and no battling duals dualistic dualisms, dissolvent solvent, and the silence that results in release, give in, let go, and surrender…

also love… peace…. joy… kindness…. gentleness… sensitivity…. friendliness…

differencial is beautiful – it need naught and ought naught be source of problemas as if all being homogonous y assimilation or what is en commonality es solution to wha eva ……     mehhh,,,,,,

embrace all 🙂 ☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮


?What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?

nudity as in creating while naked and living naked as much as possible, stretching, emptying, alone-ness, seclusion, external and internal silence, removal from all societal and social structures and layers of anxiety and tension and identifiable identity and personality, let go of goals laterals desires and posturing [tho bien posture bien], linears, delinniations.. space. solace.

….drifting… wandering…. time traveling…. astral projection….. wondering…. direct perception unmediated immediate immediacy….     










..gazing outward…

?What’s your art background?

cauldrons spirals capturings conjuring 


i homeschooled or life schooled (drawing constantly, going to art camps at some of the local art museums, playing piano, writing stories, and playing make believe) till i was 11 after something terribly traumatic blocked out memory surfaced its self to me in vehicle on way to Laurel blurted out in conversation, which is when i began school at Green Field elementary suddenly seconds later in Philadelphia where i was bullied, ridiculed, picked on, called fag%t g%y pu%sy w%ite (as if any of those things were insults, all rooted and based on and examples of machismo, sexism, racism, homophobia, and so on and on and all tha stuff and massive cultural baggage claimed….)

https://soundcloud.com/alien-architect/once-upon-a-mic and if my wrist bent slightly or my hips bent a little when i walked or my voice sounded a certain kind of way for example i was laughed at and called these names and others as were others…i remember for a long while coming home from GreenField each day looking in the mirror and crying to my self and at my self…gradually i adjusted and made friends and acquaintances partially in part by changing who i was either entirely or in part, and strategically sharing who i actually was at safe feeling fleeting moments or as to attempt to change things through some sort of careful careful wit… though the new false self became my new me and buried the past…. then i went to Creative and Performing Arts High School for visual arts… managed to be excepted/accepted which was wonderful because every other school was not what i wanted and so it was great – (though i hate winning fore others lose, and constant contestant contest of life is dis-easing… fore we are all part of the all/the whole — and its like defeating a piece of one’s self as if winning some how….hmmm???….. and….) though during my four years there in retrospect i feel i could have appreciato mas and done’th did some things a bit poquto differente – but life is life vida es vida and grand gran – and each thing has lead to the next –‘ages and stages,’ ‘everybody has gifts, we just open them at different times’ and i have been a round many who don’t enjoy gift giving or receiving but prefer to connect through other means besides traditions and supposed “holy” days dias y systemics, though others loved oned love it ; and the monkey in the middle’s thumbs of tool useful –  table of contents – ….so yes, next spent a year at Chestnut Hill College studying Psychology before transferring to Temple University also for Psychology, where i also studied much philosophy, race gender sorts of classes, and lots of art classes as well. all the while during the all of this i was playing drums with different musicians and groups and rapping and poetry and writing and drawing and….. though for a long while visual art took a back seat see mingly….. it hopped back into the front seat after i stepped ways from’th sceneries and performatives for while and friend would come by to mi abode and nurse mi wounds y listen to my bickerings and he’d bring huge amounts of incredible paints and surfaces to paint on and we would laugh and speak in imaginatives collaged and dance to loud music and frantically jump around and play and be super loco amigos….  soon after a poet amigo from poetry readings i had done with him conmigo at Reading PA i think it was where head of library or big part of it dug mi poetry work and performance style and Robin’s Poetry Events brought me to a crazy wild costume new years party fiesta at Arts Garage…. while there as everyone else danced and partied for a while of many moments consecutive i was staring at cellular in this portion momento of the noche (..i had a cell phone back then..), staring with my head down at a foto of a collaborative painting i had been working on with some wonderful fellow artist amigos which was displayed on the cellular screen thing… and i looked at it thunking and like “man….. art… love….meaning…. what am i gonna do, how is this gonna work out… something gotta give…ohh noooo…….” and then Brett Peg walked up to me and invited me to have an exhibition at a beautiful incredible gallery with phenomenal grand walls and much much spaciousness in the heart of first friday thangs! Carlos made a video in which i walked through my exhibition talking about the paintings while showing them, which was on PhillyCam Channelling Channel     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkxvltZ2pt4  ….. my future now esposa who reportages of art and music and so forth had seen this video before we had met…..  and later we traveled on art music adventure quest journeys through out the worlds and universes and realms dimensions together and that video and all of that and what predates it is part of its beginnings…. and LOVE LOVE LOVE ……. ❤ ❤   

……pro ejemplo Did tres Alien Architect/Cohen Asher performatives in phenomenal stellar bonita Paris poetry gathering eventos, in Spain,  all ova the place through out Mexico… art exhibitions all ove the place through out Mexico— Puebla, DF, Mexico City, Golden Portal from Mexico telaported to Miami, in Hungary, Japan, Barcelona Spain……. etc etc etc wiiiiiiiiiiiiii   owowowowwwwwwww 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 y journeys journeys viva vida amore amigos venturing…  radio, tv, websites, printed press…  y y y y y y y con mi amore reportages of festivals in Germany, Finland, Sweden….. etc etc etc….. con mi amoreeeeee ❤ ❤ ❤  … blessings and peace love to all todos ❤ ❤ ❤   ………

…….. a back track a little………….my mother is mathematician, poet, professor, author, thrifter, against death penalty, feminist, alternative education, home schooling, speak’th of money ought naught exist, education or learning not based upon punishment and reward and obedience or grades and such things, and equality and so on — she created beautiful works of art with sewing fabrics into interesting geometric quilt like objects. y my whole life, especially when little, i was at many poetry events and book readings of my mother’s (as swell as other wise) and definitvely influenceded by thish context. she athiest, my father a bit more religious so i hear and vaguely slightly remember, though scientific, saying “i wanna know how god does it” so i hear….. My father who i barely knew i often dramatically emptily thunk, was a physicist who proved one of Einstein’s theories correct, improved ‘pon solar collector i saw sew and remember collector on roof and multitudes a bound and pieces of modeling to this dia, and much more super awe some stuff, which i would have loved to have been born a bit earlier to have experienced that a bit more… his books and papers are a bound through out the house… my father had Multiple Sclerosis during the time i knew him and before i was born…he had an awe some electric wheel chair i remember which was like a science fiction thingy or a race car or something…and the stair glide was fun too.. and the elevator thingy to help transfer him from the street into the house was like a teleport machine…make believe and stuff…..

http://www.upenn.edu/almanac/v50/n09/deaths.html  yo es la youngest of cuatro… mi hermana es a vegetarian… my father tried many diets to try to cure him self but in the end after surviving for soooo long and suffering and not being able to move and bed sores, no diet would help and he died when i was about 18 or 19 i think it was…its blurry some how…. he was put into nursing home when i was 6ish or 8ish i think… its very blurry… though many aspects and details and times are not…… and my familiar membas often refresh mi memory and also tell me of things before i was born like extended family i have never met or don’t remember as  have only seen them when was an infantile.. ands such….. before he had been in nursing home my mom suffered and suffered taking care of him for thousands of horrific years… she has written books about this, also about her baby who had been accidentally killed by the doctors who screwed up at the hospital… and interesting sorts of ‘existential’ thoughts and math poetry…etc…..

mi hermanos are both percussionists and thinkers and create art works as well… as es er’body vouskyat.bymayy,sd


i am the baby, the youngest in this familia. mi hermano 7 years older than me and the other hermano 7 years older then he, and sis 2 years older than eldest brother…. sis the oldest and married with 3 children, my nephews and niece…. and her husband’s band was Scram .

…so mucha younger, at times to such an isolating and alienating point of estrangement feelings……

(though all es love)

“….les ye find’th thine self extended familiar……”

“….as if born into the wrong reality, though lucky enough to dream up such things…..”

?What’s been happening in your life? 

actual plush

i fell in love after falling to the lowest point pointedness poin dexterity dexstousity pointy pointed out. it seemed all was over, and at that point of such low low,  [[[…dispersal………..]]] art “began or surfaced and saw that it was and that it had never ended and that the lessons of the supposed were not really lessons or at all but all in stride with the operation endeavor,” soon after the what and the happenings that lead up to it,  i was invited to exhibit art works in Mexico and also perform my music and collaboration with phenomenal cosmic artists in Mexico. my music though, was filled with words of argue i felt, i wanted to let them go, though i would love to impact reality in a ‘positive’ way, but at this point it requires such repression to do so (plus the division unbearable…). its more so about silencing the anger i guess. though i still do affiliate my self with all things that i have lost the articulateness and range of motion to demonstrative for to a degree…. i hope that my bits of presencey and supportage and spot lighting and what cans en momentito is of some assistance at least at least at least…plus its in there for sure 🙂 🙂  is a thought that happens sum of times… leveling…..equilibrium……. (mas ta doth fa sha) .. alas…….. anyways we while in mexico rocking and flowing flowing and going on art music adventures we fell in love…. then soon got married in new york, no one was there, except for mi madre and her hubby which was wonderful wonderful true true looooveee lovely. then my amore and i ran from our wedding over to the flight and hopped on plane for European tour adventure of love, art, music, poetry, love love ❤ she is the love of mi vida and an incredible artist photographer human being spirit  mio amoreee bebeluuuu 

http://howtogetstarted.org/guest.php?id=1085 Devin Asher Cohen

?What’s next for you?

we have a gallery named Liliput in Puebla Mexico   http://liliputxperimental.wixsite.com/liliput. we love it.  https://www.facebook.com/Liliput-748484191946562/?fref=ts   we have exhibitions and artist residency at Liliput. https://twitter.com/LiliputGallery.   my studio in Mexico currently is in one of the rooms upstairs of the gallery; mi amore and i share this studio (i also have a studio in Philadelphia which i work at when in Philly and which houses the Philadelphia collection of my art works). We rent out the other Liliput Studio. i am about to create many many new works after a bit of pent up inner building….


the time between shows and in between art when in waiting room is always exaggerated and i go completely insane and fall into horrible terrible depression and feelings of worthlessness and meaninglessness and madness…. but soon it passes and new work is being created and is created….. music and my writing seems to require this horrid torturous terror… however i think that visual art in particular painting is an art form where i can simply be happy and move forward in life and grow and love love…. its a different story…a whole other story…… however i still feel there is some meaning and truth to be found in this pressing depression repressed from which i am per haps attempting to let go of as its absolescence is seeming though itty alludes to state de worldly……though i remember a supposed mad man with no home and tattered rags telling me once “don’t think that making your self suffer will help me and people like me, feel good do everything you can with every opportunity,” he went on to say “people like me wish we could do these things and when we see you and people like you throw it a way as if that will  help us… it makes us upset and disappointed…succeed and do it for us, for what we would do if we could and that some one can do it and it can be done…the thing i and we would do if not in these situations…. leave me behind and move forward in your life, your sadness will not help us…..” ……………

….i used to go to the park and hang out with homeless people for a while, other places too and travelers and edge dwellers…… i used to wander various seemingly contradictory environments…………… base level minus the socializations that title us and separar……

“…..transforming one’s self in to an outer title that’s libel to stifle what’s all the while compiled passed this plastic recital ….”

“……don’t wanna transform in

to a performance….”

“…..based on the constructs of one’s verbal conduct….”




Describe your current state of mind.

right now, in this moment, though i am so blessed to be alive and well and am appreciative, i feel moody, angry, upset, jealousy, envious, anxious, vanity, nervous, awful, glutinous, every muy mal ‘negative’ feeling imaginable… the seven deadly sins….. though by the end of writing about feeling this way i some how feel a bit relieved….    

{though me thinky its just part of what i be thinking on right now en mi arte process and outside of it i am okey dokey hunky corey…..me thinky..….}

i am also listening to this at this very moment whilst i write ::


the reality from which i [and many] cometh’s from is very very judge mental critical thinking skills literal lateral….. filled with shame embarrassment, nervousness…. awkwardness… outer shell protective…shields, weapons…devoid of feeling….numb…. all of those sorts of cringing teeth grinding nail biting itch scratching pushing smiles forced laughter sorts of feelings which go on and on and on;  tension building complexes…….

…in this lifetime at my root up bringing surround contextual i have always been surrounded by apposing points of view at the leveling of the givens of realidad, which is wonderful but also maddening……



?What is inspiring you? 

lament gallops


what inspires me sadly is often times things that don’t exist in the reality that exist within as internalized internalization of the external perceived…. and so some times i long to stop being inspired because inspiration causes one to ruin one’s life, rebuild, then ruin it again and rebuild again and again and again and on and on ‘pon inspiration…. yo tired of doing this…. and so what inspires me is that which has nothing to do with me i think…… becoming more comfortable keeping limiting thought and opinion to my self or not at all…. as long as i keep quiet everything is great….. and often times those thoughts and opinions come from a character that i some how managed to outsmart reality from making me be… generally my inspiration rests in something beyond me because my opinions and thoughts are blind spotted and short sighted and limited and blockade…… the ones from this tiny bubble of a physical body…. i tap into the beyond …beyond i…..beyond beyond…… though live out my days in this life i live while knowing its just a little thing amidst the all of which i have seen but small glimpses of which go on forever though not of time….. (side-point…some times timelessness is spoken of in terms of lasting or living forever as apposed to no time or a-timely or time is made up/”merely a schedule meter”…. per haps non-existence maybe??……)

….dust in the wind…..

….all wholly hold as a whole holding it whole wholly as all …….


?Do you have any other exhibits coming up/ past exhibits you’d like to mention?



i have a few exhibits coming up, of which i am not at liberty to give info about just yet but they are on their ways… and shall very much be part of these 3000000 new paintings which i will create immediately….  performances, concerts, book presentations…….. i just had a bit of a closure moment with Philadelphia it would seem… or an aspect of it my me my’s rite of passage thing… whilst in Philly this past time me did doing done a Alien Architect concert at Community Futures Lab very much throwback to times of performing in Philly thousands of years ago… and had such a wonderful fulfilling solo art exhibition of peace love gentleness and kindness at a Kugel space in Philly… Don Brewer of Don Art News came by and we published a thang bout it

http://brewermultimedia.com/love-2/, also Carlos and Karen of Heart Philly did a half hour video episode about it   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1T-Xm5QFWw  (yes, the same Carlos from the video before of which was correlated to mi amore y yo and our meeting and love love)…  Floyd did rad fotos, as did Rutherford, anyways its like for years, though i am kind and open and love to learn and all that jazz, i have more or less in a deeply personal and private inner emotional life sort of way rejected mi back grounded supposed identifiable identity  “identical to this remembered and most likely in the future..” (o thought of it not but more so the plethora from which comet’s) that i have been identified from the outside with especially more so as i have gotten older and we or i become the thing that our or mi outer appearance and learned histories and situationals dictate us to be [in sum experientials/instances, there’s many notions y etc, there is a rootedness to that as well but this too is…..]… in this exhibition i let go of that closed mindedness notion and embraced these personas and embraced this space y todos and had such a wonderful time letting down yet another wall guard barrier barricade, though it still does feel strange that though ’twas appreciated on its own merits, part of it had to do with something yo was being thought of as to being una member ov based upon familiarity linear which fore what ever’s reason actually makes be filled rage… though yo keep et under control….  and we is what we is………



….reminds me of a time when mi musica bookng managerial fellow guy amigo dude en Philly was like “we got the show…. the booker for the venue guy is $%^&@@$^&@( and he wants to book you… ” and i was upset…. though the voice of that “tattered man” and thousands of other voices untold of as yet remind me to flip it (recite lines upside down) https://soundcloud.com/alien-architect/02-sparrow-aiff and spread peace and love grow do it do it !!!  [[[[[ (tho y whilst ’tis wha’ happening) bring people to together from all walks of vida as well as wheal chairs of vida too and crutches and prosthetic legs y todos todos and lets all learn and grow helping each other, cooperating side by side, reaching for the sky, a world of possibilities, oh yeh]]]]]   … pero tambien……. sigh……… alas……………………… critiques of social climbing……….. opportunists……the ways in which humans socialize and do things….comparitives……hierarchies.. “….don’t’st start one on hierarchy partially in part fore if thee doth does, one starts one’s own….”… oiyyyy aiyyyyy ughhhh……………. proximity…….. switch the meditational focus , switch the frequency……..


…also we did Correspondencia in Mexico at Liliput and at Community Futures Lab in Philly. its an international collective contemporary art exhibition touring through many different countries, thus far America and Mexico and the soon places to be announced soon…….




?Is any of your work political?

sometimes yo think (,though usually i wish agonizingly that politics and the importance of being informed or knowing about it did not matter, because the types of creativity and questions that arise from life uninterrupted are mas of interest, also because horrors are what necessitate its importance…at least on this leveling of its aspects…..) to thunk that the supposed boundaries that me are crossed naturally at times as if they do not exist fore they are made up and imaginary [[like all else]] are political statements or actions (though if things were mas mejor wouldn’t be thought that way…y mas effectivo whense ‘show not tell’ typa thingamabobular..) just because of the times and the times up till now and sadly probably the times for a long loooooong horrendous time after now as well….. though hopefully the pipe line will not happen ….horrors will end soon… and hopefully no tr%mp (i wrote this before the terrible news)…… oh g%d….. things are horrific……. missing murdered tortured people in Mexico and all over the world everywhere…… in large part the results of and means to lofty bubbles hated to be burst bad company incorporated dealings greedily on the rest of most of the planet and people and environment and animals and air and ecosystems and everything…… bhuvwhfoaa     boarders… even ownership….. how its all ingrained in who we are……… flags…. all of it……  😦 😦     ignorance


?What are you trying to communicate with your art?


!poing! poof ! ta daaa !!!! oo la laaaaa !!!!!!!!! ☮☮

i’ve explained it so many billions of excruciating times out loud and before that in my head to the pointedness of claustrophobic encasing exhaustion, that now the words and thoughts to explain just feel like sounds and torture and entanglement and repetition of sounds and responses……  but luckily its there in my songs… in my writings…. in my art works, paintings and so forth…… i knew that after a long period of purely only the arts… that a time of integrating them with reality o otra aspects de realidad somehow would occur and that during that time would become a bit dulled numb and removed from it as to be friendly and amable and easier and pleasant to work with and also to be alive and grow and as to share all those many years of pain staking art work and soul searching heart ache wall gazing leading to transcend besides its self… but that that feeling would still exist in the art works them selves of sound, visual, and thought (as is as it is like when being read silently from book or pages in mind [i.e. thought…. thoughts of transcending and thoughts of transcending thought, transcending thought]… its more so relieving lately to read and write than to speak at all ever…)…. and so now i carry it with me… and i am coping from post traumatic performance perforative scene and justification and proof of self disorderly conduction……   we all exist….. believe…..



?What is one of the biggest challenges you face as an artist?

shame, humiliation, jealously, gluttony, vanity, the seven deadly sins, envy, “programmed into a victim identity…with the victimizer’s pride and pursuit as our tools of conquest to pursue the conditioned stimulus…,” “take heed, rooted in the roots of greed,”   https://alienarchitect.bandcamp.com/track/roots-of-greed   loss of self which occurs when spreading one’s self so thin that the you who originated the art barely exists any more…. now replaced with feeling out comfort zones and the colloquialisms and folkways and norms or what ever of wherever you find your self and the changing times and trends…….. homogenous monotonous…… power structure mundane….. keeping it simple fore other wise nothing happens…. no time for what’s different about us… only what we agree on and share in common…….




yes feminism, yes humanist, yes post humanism, yes post ism, lgbt, marriage rights, black lives matter, stand with sanding rock, no monsanto….. pro abortion…yes to women’s right to choose…. equality and differences are beautiful…. no war…. more better education and free health care!!! home schooling,, “alternative” education!!, the betterment of public schools, no prison industrial complex…factories in china…. no more fighting, arguing, debating, no more no more……no more corporate greed. politics – religious institutional power structure exploitatives  – drug cartels..….  no more business of war, no more war, stop polluting the earth, stop stealing land…… no more genocide…. no more “if your gonna come here be like us, assimilate homogenize………. “… no more…. please……

…………………………………..but what do i know………who is me…………….

……..the materials and approaches that are used for goods and services……..

……exploited exported importation………. bulls%hit deportation and hellll…………………

“…but dude you can’t just say that… its not gonna magically all happen”…. yes i can say that at least, it might not magically all happen instantaneously ‘pon utterance, but at least i can say that… at least…. at least……………….



?How has the meaning of your work changed over time? 

time is change

change is time

over is like  (time is change ) divided by (change is time)


…..in flux constance….

originally it was very confrontational and argumentative and uncompromising and now it is usually joyful and celebratory and uplifting to a degree… it used to be rooted in some sort of cosa that barely existed at the time though existed ever so slightly some how….

https://soundcloud.com/alien-architect/short-hand-for-misconception?in=alien-architect/sets/back-then-side-2 now its just acknowledging nitch nook cranny and so its more accepting and less argumentative to the tiniest minute detail (which esta bien en actualidad, a lesson that was needed needy kneedy for thee of the “counteral culturality” and “counteral counteral culturality” etc etc y todos)… all commonalities are embraced…as well as differences as for me…. and trying to get everyone around and within to love each other and themselves too…….


….sensitivity… kindness…. friendliness…..gentleness…..



?What do you dislike about your work?

flowers flowers flowers trees grass

sometimes i loath it……. but magnetism and manifest and positivity vibrations are so importante that this kind of feeling must be kept inside or not at all or else everything will come’th crashing down immediately, and irreparable….. obsolescence….. dead and gone forever…..


“…motivational with our thoughts and hide away the ones which are otherwise…”  i had written in a dramaticooo part of Remnants libro, like much of other quoted text in this  inter inner viewing ….


balance and harmony


?Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

acting…. film… being completely completely engaged in my work to the point of no “and cut” at the end, and no “this is a piece about this…” but actually living it always at all moments. all the time…. as an experience…. no time to reflect… for reflection of this kind developed after this pre historic pre pre state of being being considered…..


?What is your dream project?

balance and harmony

my dream project is existing in a completely altered state of consciousness forever and creating constantly in this way, and somehow being and feeling safe to do so without judgement or fear or repercussion….


?Are you involved with any organizations?

Liliput Gallery Experimental in Mexico.

playing the organ. me organ donor.




?Do you regularly collaborate with other artists?


yes. Cohen Asher. Alien Architect. Rebeca Martell. Ivan Macuil. Duo Pomina https://vimeo.com/164020833

, Nereo  https://vimeo.com/107212094 . the cats on my Alien Architect band EP, the cats on my Alien Architect Arteria record, cats on my other records, a lot of different artist musicians in Mexico, Lem

https://soundcloud.com/alien-architect/alien-architect-and-whatever-robot-ozone-master-2?in=alien-architect/sets/alien-architect-rarities-2 , Aleph, Tio Puc

https://vimeo.com/148798031     https://vimeo.com/163437181   , freestyle cyphers over the years

https://vimeo.com/24746996 , Alien Architect Ensemble, Parral Sounds https://soundcloud.com/cohen-asher/sets/alien-architect-on-drums-w , cats i’ve played trillions of concerts with as Alien Architect  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_HKmcETfXw     


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOY2ikF04VU , aside from songs and poetry and vocal stuff i’ve drummed with many many bands such as billions of shows over the life times reincarnated for hundreds of millions of years a bound back in day with Paradocs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HJKBE8k1Ps , did a U.S. tour with GDAG, and drummed with other amigitos’ bands from back in the days playing blues rock n roll musics and such… Latent Image which included and then became the early vocal thing that led later to Alien Architect to a grande degree…. i sat in on drums for a few shows with Ghetto Song Bird millions of years ago where i thunky i met Drew who played on Arteria record por ejemplo… i used to arrange Concerts for Peace at The Rotunda and book the music and organize everybody and host and raising mula for charities such as Cystic Fibrosis and saving lives from Darfur Genocide……thousands of yeas ago A.D. and I as Alien Architect opened for Wu Tang at Trocadero in Philly which was cool https://vimeo.com/124684100 …we also opened for Schooly D at Tin Angel

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_6g6d8johI (did sum stuff wit him too at the fire that time…) (much love to Smyte9) and thousands of other shows that he and i had rocked together as full band and band formations and as dj mc duo…Alien Architect……rocked with otha fly cats at Festival Pier in Philly, Electric Factory……… 


con Gerardo Nevarro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ9SxLXG7KQ&feature=youtu.be

translucent light particles acceleration wave form formative formations fate

?What are a few favorite spots in your area?

rainbow land, drums, bass guitar bass way up, sounds, visuals, pulsates, in Puebla, Liliput is my favorite.. LILIPUT LILIPUT !! Oaxaca, Museo Emparo, Capilla de Arte… and in Mexico city there is Centro Cultural Espana…. in Puebla–> Nexus, i had solo exhibition and Alien Architect con De Algun Tiempo a Esta Pate performance and Arteria record release there early upon my arrival here and chilled there a bunch…. Mamut…… and so many other wonderful lovely places which feel like in the place to be…    at another rad spot i had a solo exhibition named MetaLinguistica, it was love vibes !  The Alien Architect Ensamble (me and awesome amigo musician artists from in Mexico) performed there and also in Guanajuato at Festival Cervantino and it was wonderful, we played two days, and did an awesome T.V. thang on Acusticamente T.V. Guanajuato

https://soundcloud.com/alien-architect/sets/alien-architect-ensemble-live-on-acusticamente-tv-guanajuato-mexico https://vimeo.com/161352639    https://vimeo.com/161344370 !! we also rocked at EDITA FESTIVAL at MEzCALERIA en Puebla

https://vimeo.com/148156164, and did EL FUSIL TV with a bunch of songs from Arteria and interview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1N1RGcv3Jk ! yayyyy!!! 🙂 🙂 ❤

?Favorite artists and why? in your field whom you most admire:

planties, air, water, sky, earth, elementals… fields of sound…..fields of vision…fields of green…field re search.. and such forth…. fore these are the from which….                              ..Rebeca Martell, Liliput….  mi momma….

……..and everyone  else who i have mentioned thus far and about to mention in a little……

?What are you reading?

i reading and rereading my own book right now… which is looking like an anthology…. looks like gonna make a 7 book rendition of it…. yes, trying to memorize it and making sure everything is just how i want it to be….. and reading through thousands ‘pon billions of books…. poetry, philosophy, art, feminist, alternative education… physics… electricity …. opticals and illusions…. the fall….D.A. Levy….  books from the past, the future, and elsewhere….  listening to music constantly constantly always siempre…. and think endlessly to a nerve wracking entangling point…. imaginarily creating before anything even gets done to the point at which sometimes its difficult to even begin…… so tired, my body my soul my being feels heavy……..   weak……    cold            stiff

“….the first line divides the picture….”

“….the first dot is a point made….”

“…at every angle

there is a perspective

at which lines intersect

at the point

at which they overlap….”



?What are you listening to these days?   

Joanna Brouk, Aeoliah, David Naegele, Hope Sandoval, Mercan Dede… and randor things which sound beautiful to me that i come across and soon forget the name of till next i come across it again and recognize it by sound….


?What was the last show (music) you attended?

Tricky and Rituals of Mind at Underground Arts in Philly, moments before heading back to Mexico with mi amore.. then i also saw Ivan Macuil perform wonderful experimental art music sound at Objeto Maldito exhibition at Liliput upon our arrival. and a bunch of music cats such as amigos Diana La and Odin Krysna play at an outdoor spot right next to an awesome art space Venado de Zanate in Puebla too and Odin played at this other rad spot too next day i think it ’twas…  y amigo Alejandro Reyes Tlacatelpa awesome awesome awesome electronic composition with an awesome cellist at MUAC in Mexico City DF yesterdayy….. yep


?What was the last exhibit you attended? 

Anish Kapoor at MUAC, on the segundo dia de Alejandro concerto ,, there was also this other wonderful artist who was exhibiting there too… hopefully i’ll come across her name again soon… hmmm…. hopefully….. otherwise she shall be lost from mind and recuerdo like gazillions……. and infinity………….    (andrea-fraser.-l’1-c’est-moi- it ‘was)

Alien Architect, Cohen Asher Dev, Devin Asher Cohen website(s):












❤ thank you, gracias, merci, kosonom, grazie, tak para now y antes y todos ❤ bless, peace, love ❤


sequel to prequel primarily interquel paraquel    



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