First Friday: Philadelphia

Editor’s Note: Torva Messor, our gothic high school guest contributor shares thoughts and impressions on September’s First Friday. We went to the Rollins building at 319 N. 11 th Street, which is chock full of artist collectives such as Napoleon, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Practice, Marginal Utility, Grizzly Grizzly, Great Far Beyond, and Vox Populi. The space is directly across the street from the Reading Viaduct, where a temporary light installation was on display. The Rollins Building is gritty, hot and crowded, which might sound tough but to me it’s one of the best spots to take in emerging art each month. There’s cheap beverages for sale ($2), ice cream, and homemade punch so bring cash or you might be wishing you had.  

“The video by Mike Parr made me feel sick to my stomach, it filled me with dread yet it was so interesting and eye catching. I couldn’t look away. The painting I had forgotten, by Julie Shea, with a girl covered in bugs: I related with this piece because I felt that the  painting had to do with vanity. I’m obsessed with my vanity. The circus zoetrope by Nichola Kinch was very beautiful and it made me feel that I was actually there in the circus.” – Torva Messor

Circus Zoetrope by Nichola Kinch



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