Meet Torva Messor (New Contributor)

I’m pleased to introduce Torva, who will be contributing moving forward.
“I’m a 15 year old goth. My hobbies are acting, reading, and writing. I was born and raised in Philly. I’m in love with horror and that’s mostly what I write about.”


Seance, A Poem by Torva:

I sit inside the circle of gloom, the candles go out as a sign of doom, I see the demons of plight past, they will torture me even after the tomb,
The mirror breaks leaving broken glass, I stab myself with the shards leaving this moment my last, the demons show my darker years, the tragedy will never pass,
The demons who I will forever fear, bring along all my dead peers, my heart shatters like the mirror, and stabs me in a way that leaves no tears,
I’m sick from this sorrow’s fever, the demons cut me with a cleaver, this seance I now must end, I realize now my death is near.

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