Featured Artist: Ben Chang

Name: Ben Chang

Age: 22

Hometown: Taiwan

Current town:  Philadelphia

Job description: MFA student in Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

Time trace

Bio: I’m a Taiwanese artist who just graduated from university. Now I’m beginning my master degree program at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. These years of learning let me know that studying art is not just about developing ones potential but also extending ones reach to the outer world. Due to my passion for western art, I decided to study a masters degree in the USA. From my artistic perspective, art is composed of numerous significant elements that can make it invaluable and highly valued. I hope to capture more inspiration by having dialogues with people from different cultures and exchanging ideas with artists from all over the world to broaden my artistic view. I expect myself to become an artist with a global view.

What themes and concepts does your work generally revolve around?  In the majority of my work, they are strongly connected to my personal emotions toward the life experience and some of them are speaking of social content.


What materials do you work with? Oil painting on canvas

What are you currently working on? I’m trying to transform my technique into a different level by loosing up the brush stroke and seeing how multiple color layers interact with each other so as to bring out more possibilities of creativity.

What’s your art background? I am a student who has studied fine art for seven years in Tainan University of Technology. Based on the 7- years education system which my school offers, I have studied different kinds of art classes ranging from eastern art to western art, such as sculpture, printmaking, watercolor, oil painting, calligraphy and so on. During this study period, I realized painting captivated me more than any other art class I have learned. By painting, I could not only express my feelings and personal emotions but also create a soundless communication toward my audience so as to guide them on a walk into my unique visual world.

The past

What’s next for you? In the near future, I hope I can have my own exhibition or cooperate with other artists to present my work in museums and schools in the USA. With this opportunity, I could have a chance to share my own ideas and my skills with people. I will grasp any moment to express myself to the public through my painting and let people experience what I create.

What are you trying to communicate with your art? By presenting my painting, I hope people could obtain multiple angles to perceive reality.

Eternal dream

What is one of the biggest challenges you face as an artist? The challenge is to find myself a unique position in the art field. In the contemporary art world, there are plenty of styles and forms that have been experimented on by young artist. I think finding my own unique language to communicate to people by presenting my visual art is the most important thing; it make me becomes different from the others.

Favorite artists and why? People in your field whom you most admire: My Favorite artist is Monet, founder of French Impressionism. I like those cold colors and warm colors interacting with each other in his painting. Each brush stroke seems to present a dancing form in his impressionism work. His painting conveys a sense of vibration and rhythm to people. This is the way feelings are painted as a music form.

The voie from within

What are you reading? Identity by Milan Kundera

Favorite authors, fiction:  Ernest Miller Hemingway , Milan Kundera

Favorite authors, nonfiction: Favorite comic strips/ comic books/ graphic novels? Marvel

What was the last exhibit you attended? Philly art school union show

Your contact info: bens88143s88143@gmail.com 

wound stiches

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