Featured Artists: Anthony C. and Karen M.

I first saw Anthony and Karen’s work at Jed Williams Gallery, in Philadelphia. I stopped by the gallery a few times while the exhibit was up, and each time there was more art. Which I found to be a very effective way of catching my attention, and a great reason to stop by as often as possible. Eventually I reached out to the artists and introduced myself, and later stopped by their super-secret lair, in Kensington. What appeared to be a row-house on the outside, turned out to be a vast, expansive warehouse, filled with art. I stayed for over an hour, and toured the space, and we talked about a number of things…how the nature of graffiti has changed over the years, exhibits we’ve seen, politics, the art world. DSCF2041 Having spent years showing and exhibiting, Anthony and Karen have been focusing on taking their art out of the galleries, and putting it onto the streets. Inserting it where it’s least expected, into library books, and menus. They’ve graduated from graffiti to cardboard to engaging the community. Working exclusively with galleries, things can get a bit stale; artists and art can get controlled. And so they have segued, into the world of guerrilla art. Now Anthony and Karen hold meetings and decide what to do. For example they will decide to focus their work on pieces about black market organ trade brokers…and raise consciousness about the topic as they put their work up around the city. DSCF2003 They worked on a collaborative project dealing with the Graffiti of War, featuring many American artists who were on active military duty as well as Iraqi graffiti artists. This project went on tour and they were really glad to be involved, it was a really powerful exhibit that included work about PTSD, drug addiction and conflict. All proceeds went to a foundation that helps wounded soldiers. They hate to see public art get destroyed by other artists. They wish artists respected each others work. They try to be aware of this when putting up work and would love to see work stop getting defaced. Bronson double New_Sculpture_front Anthony and Karen’s interview Q&A: Names – Anthony C and Karen M Hometown – Philadelphia Current Town – Philadelphia Bio – Collaborating artists putting art on the streets of Philadelphia and NYC Upcoming Projects – pushing the envelope with street art, project in progress Select Links – http://www.youtube.com/anthony51112 http://pinterest.com/karenemc1/pins/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/anthonycandkarenm unnamed (2) Describe our work – stencils on canvas, cardboard, and found materials, marker drawings, cardboard sculptures, collages, street photography, videos, xerox art, street art, sidewalk stencils, black books Concepts and Themes – Truth telling and education and beauty Materials – spray paint, markers, cardboard, canvas, glue, found objects, etc. Currently working on a guerrilla street art project DSCF2019 Routines – regular meetings to discuss projects, evaluate outcomes What is happening in our life – Completion of a ten car garage warehouse filled with an art installation including cardboard art, sculpture, paintings and graffiti Current state of mind – Electric and Alive Recent show – Solo exhibit at The Jed Williams Gallery, a fluid intense artist involved project Is any of our work political – All of it What are we trying to communicate – Truth telling The meaning of our work – Universal comments on the human condition unnamed (3) Creative medium we would like to pursue – something involving electronics Dream project – publish a book of our work Do we belong to any organizations – no we have broken all our ties with the organizations and galleries we were involved with for artistic freedom Favorite spot – The Wall of Fame in N. Philly Favorite artist and why – Ron English because he tells the truth with a sense of humour What we read – any art book   Favorite comic strips – Spiderman and The Toxic Avenger and Dick Tracy Music we listen to – very eclectic mix from Elvis, Link Wray, The Arctic Monkey, The Libertines to Nas and Dub and hiphop Last exhibit that impressed us – Maurizio Cattelan, NY,NY First piece of art bought – a 10 dollar primitive drawing on wood sold on the sidewalk in NYC by an old man named Hoggs Our web site – http://www.anthonycandkarenm.com   DSCF2012 DSCF2029 DSCF2031 DSCF2032 DSCF2034 DSCF2036 DSCF2037 DSCF2044 DSCF2049 unnamed DSCF2051 DSCF2075DSCF2021 unnamed (1) DSCF2076 DSCF2077 DSCF2083 DSCF2085 DSCF2086 DSCF2089 DSCF2093  Leave_Your_Guns_Home_stencil

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