Featured Artist: Timothy Robert Smith

Age: 32
Hometown: Covina
Current town: LA
Job description: artist


Bio: Timothy Robert Smith is a Los Angeles based oil painter and muralist, using observational techniques to portray a multi-dimensional perspective of the universe. Since recently graduating from Laguna College of Art and Design with an MFA in studio art, he has had two exhibitions at Copro Gallery in Bergamot Station, and is preparing for a solo show there in April.



Describe your work.

Multidimensional, transcendental. An attempt at figuring out what’s really happening.


You were recently featured on Huffington Post. Congrats! Tell us about this.
Thanks! John Seed selected my painting for the Top 10 of 2013. Woohoo!


What themes and concepts does your work generally revolve around?
The meaning of existence, Why we’re here, Who we are, and stuff like that.
I love science, mysticism, absurdity, mind control, and the struggle to survive.

Any Road oil on canvas 48″x60″ 2013

What materials do you work with?

Oil on canvas, sometimes oil on wood.


What are you currently working on?
Pieces for the show I have at Copro gallery, April 19.
Also, I’m doing a piece for “Melancholy Menagerie: A gaze into the world of Big Eyes” at the Fullerton Museum, May1.


What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?
Coffee. Long night walks. Meditation. Sketching events from memory.

Transmission in Multiple Dimensions oil on canvas 48″x48″ 2013

Describe your current state of mind.
Enthusiastic and ready for anything. Most hours of the day in a painting trance.


What’s inspiring you?
Bower Birds!


Is any of your work political?

Yes, all of it; but it depends on who looks at it. I seek out the core meaning of every situation, personal and political. At the root of everything is usually a simple action, which stems from an idea, which stems from an interpretation of a feeling. All these cores repeat throughout time and space. When they erupt, or surface, they can become the next big event: a revolution, a war, a new system, a moment in time; something that will run its course and play out and eventually die. Just like all of us will die, and the words on our tombstones will be interpreted by the next generation in ways that we cannot fathom. Values, laws, ideas, language, accepted history, and accepted ideas of the nature of reality will continuously shift and evolve. Just like our minds, and our ideas of who we are and what we believe in. But this is all based on words. Real life is spontaneous and has nothing to do with words. Try discussing political theory with a person who is starving. Or a person who is on fire. The person who is on fire can only think about one thing. If there are 3 full buckets of water (labeled ____ism, ___ism, and ____ism), which one would you grab?


Has the meaning of your work changed over time?
Everyday. They are time bombs.


Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

Do you collaborate with other artists?
I used to do lots of mural collabs. I want to get back into it.



What are you reading?
“The Tell-Tale Brain” by V.S. Ramachandran.

What are you listening to these days?
Nick Drake, The Polyphonic Spree, Chumbawamba, Sufjan Stevens, Tom Waits, The Manson Family and Eric Satie.


Your website(s):

Entranced in Transit
oil on canvas
40″x 30″
Revised Maps of the Present
oil on canvas
Untitled (For Now)
oil on canvas
Title of Piece to be Determined by Owner (in custom typewritten letters)
oil on wood
In the Event of All Things to Be or Have Been Being Now oil on canvas 60″x72″ 2014


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