Artist Update: Autumn Wallace

As you many recall, we interviewed Autumn one year ago.  We recently spoke with Autumn to see what she’s been focusing on lately.

MD: What have you been working on? 

AW: Currently I have been working on a couple of different things. One is an ongoing series of miscellaneous sketches to post on my website every week on Fridays. I began by requesting any and all ideas from my Facebook friends and peers to give me the crazy ideas they imagine brought into existence. I started this to both have consistent material for my blog and keep myself challenged (I’m open to even more ideas so if you have any, feel free to send me a request, you might just see it on one of my weekly updates!). Second, from these sketches and everyday inspirations I have been trying out new compositions and mediums. For example, one piece I’m currently working on is made completely of dots and lines with meticulous stippling and dipping with nib and ink that I have never used before. Also, I tried out a new method of portrait painting. Instead of trying to make a portrait of someone from a picture, I made a sketch of the way I wanted their face to look, and loosely based colors and certain distinctive facial features from the picture. I really like this method and I plan on making future portraits in this manner.

MD: You were recently contacted by an art gallery. Congrats! Tell us more about this!

AW: Well, I was doing some promotion work for my blog and it was noticed by a curator for Art Nouveau Galleries in Quakertown. He sent me a message and I was delighted to know that he was interested in showcasing my work! I gathered a few of my daily sketches and previous paintings in addition to my more recent pieces. Plus, I am making three new experimental pieces for the show: one in graphite, one in ink and one in oils.

Gallery’s Facebook:



Autumn has multiple pieces currently on exhibit at Art Nouveau Galleries and is available for commissions.




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