Featured Artist and Writer: BK Wilson

Age: 28

Hometown/ Current town: Wilmington, DE

Job description: Video Producer, Photographer, and Writer

Bio: I’m BK Wilson. I have a passion for the arts. I am a published writer as of 2 years ago. Taking photos has been my love for the past 7 years! I have 13 years experience in video production with national exposure. I’ve been published in several international publications, featured in galleries, and I now get contract offers from across the globe!

I have done much community service programming on Delaware’s Local Channel 28 as a preteen. I worked with Twin B. Brown, the producer of the station, Council Member Brown, and others as a young intern. I hosted a show called Teen Summit which was taped live every week. While working at Channel 28, I also learned the trade of a cameraman at 10 years of age. I even transitioned entire shows to commercials and back during live taping during those early years. I also modeled for JC Penny’s/McDonald’s/Macy’s/Etc., acted in plays/tv, and via Mike Lemon Casting, I was casted in a Cinemax movie call Code Red.

I have interviewed the Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware on several occasions for select documentaries including “Failon” 2010. I’ve taped the first arrival of “Safe Surrender” to the state of Delaware for the U.S. Marshal’s office and the U.S. attorney general. I gained insight and interviews from Lt. Gov. Matt Denn, Councilman Potter, and other great Wilmingtonians.

I started my own business in 2008 serving the Greater Wilmington area. I created Public Service Announcements and video’s for surrounding non-profits, including Mother African Union Church’s very first self produced bible study videos starring Rev. Livingston. I have made a few short films, acted in music videos, been a hired cameraman since the first year of business, and enjoyed creating a large body of work for my photography portfolio. I have also finished 3rd place my first year of MegaBiz Fest and 2nd place the following year!

In my career I have done video work for ABC Television Studios and Universal Studios. My photos have been featured in galleries and magazines. Namely the countries of Germany, U.K., and in the USA’s Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, and Texas. I have written work published in London, U.K. and Las Vegas, Nevada.

I currently travel to Europe and back annually to see friends and family. I am planning to see Canada, Japan, China, and India. I have traveled abroad in Germany, Mexico, Hawaii, California, Bahamas, Barbados, New York, Arizona, Texas, and many other places mostly local to the tri-state area in the USA.

My mission is to produce star quality material and services. I am dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality productions and event coverage. Additionally, I strive to be known as a innovative leader for Audio/Video and Film in the Tri-State area and excel in writing and photography where ever I travel to.


Upcoming projects: Working with United Way and ITworks of Delaware

(Regarding your visual art)

Describe your work.

My videos so far have been extremely creative. I look to be different so I am always going to God for inspiration. I enjoy the art of storytelling and even like creating my own music for projects. I include social values and debated topics in my work. I got this concept from some of the film greats like Spike Lee and Michael Moore. Even though their work is obviously about social change, I go for a more subtle approach.

My photos are a blend of model photography with a lot of nature and travel. I have mostly used a perspective shooting style mixed with artistic elements. I photograph what’s on the surface to capture the truth within.

What themes and concepts does your work generally revolve around?

The messages I try to illuminate are based around social responsibility and internal conflict. I feel we have been put on this earth to serve. We all have a responsibility of service. As far as internal conflict goes, everyone has to fight with something within themselves. From bad habits to self-doubts, the internal fight can keep us in bondage for decades if not a whole lifetime. Shedding light on these issues can help break the chains that hold us from achieving our destinies. I truly believe we can address these issues and have fun while doing it too. Some people look at my art and ask, what is the message? The message is found in how it makes you feel or react.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on relationships with a few nonprofits that address underprivileged youth, women’s rights, breast cancer, and helping families with children suffering from brain damage.

What’s your art background / when did you begin really focusing on art?

I’ve been in the entertainment industry since the age of 4 years old. I started behind the camera in ’00 as a hobby. Went to NYFA and Wilmington University to learn film production. I’ve been doing films for 13 years. Began my professional career in ’05. Taught myself photography, and been shooting professionally for 7 years. I had my photos published and in my first gallery by ’11.

What’s been happening in your life/ what’s next for you?

Lately I’m just working on balancing time with my work, art, and family. I’m more active in the community as of late while gathering skills and resources to run an effective business.

Describe your current state of mind / what’s inspiring you?

Currently I have been spending a lot of time building relationships. With people in and outside of work/art, but mostly with my creator who is the source of my inspiration.


Is any of your work political?

I focus on the issues more than the politics. Equal rights, class relations, health care, and mental illness have been topic I’ve included throughout the years.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

There is a message tied to the emotions evoked. My work might seems too sensual or too unorthodox, but the viewer should ask themselves, why do I feel this way? There are reasons I use strong images in my work. A reaction can tell a person a lot about themselves if they are willing to look. Then maybe some chains will break if they allow it.

What is one of the biggest challenges you face as an artist?

Funding is a big one. I have to say the biggest that is tied to funding is that people see what they want to see. Thanks to the feedback I get from each project I’m getting better at relying messages in more noticeable and direct ways without taking from the subtlely. This is an art form all it’s own.

How has the meaning of your work changed over time?

At first I just wanted to have fun. I made funny and entertaining videos on youtube, and photographed beautiful women for no other reason but to make money and develop my craft. Then a mentor of mine asked, what was the meaning behind the art? I just said, it’s fun and it pays the bills. She told me that this art was an extension of myself. It had a meaning and I just had to find out what part of me was I expressing. The answer was sometimes shallow and self-righteous. So I became more conscious about what part of myself I put into my art. I started facing some of the issues that kept me in shallow bondage. Once I realized where my mind had been I broke my own chains and started using my canvas as a voice to speak out to the masses. Hopefully helping others face their own bondage.


What do you dislike about your work?

I don’t like that I spent many years wasting time being a surface level photographer. I had no problem storytelling in my videos and films, but it took time to learn how to make my photos speak a thousand words that were worth speaking.

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

I’m really into the fine arts, spoken word, and music. I do them as hobbies, but multimedia is my first love. There is so much involved in production that it’s not hard to include other creative mediums.

What is your dream project?

My dream project is directing a feature length film worthy of submitting to Cannes.

My dream job would be shooting models for Conde’ Nast.


Favorite artists and why/ people in your field whom you most admire:

Ron Howard is a great actor turned filmmaker. I really relate to Ron Howard’s directing style and his biography. Clint Eastwood really deserves admiration for not only his legacy, but his storytelling grit. Spike Lee for his bold artistry. M. Night Shyamalan for his cunning storytelling. Michael Moore for fearless honesty and execution on a budget. Gordon Park for being a filmmaker and a photographer who told great stories in both his mediums. He was a proud activist and serviced the public. Ansel Adams because of his dedication to detail. Eddie Adams for his service in the USMC and award winning imagery. Hans Aarsman because he is an author and a photographer with amazing photography books. Bill Jones is an inspiration. A legend in the history of photography. There are many I’ve forgot to mention but there are thousands of people who have shaped these industries and paved the way for us.

Are you involved with any organizations/ do you collaborate with other artists?

Shout out to DIF!

What was the first piece of artwork you bought/ do you buy a lot of artwork?

The movies Do The Right Thing and Seven were the first movies I actually bought. Sixth Sense is a noteworthy buy too.

Your website(s): Facebook, Twitter, photography website, and company website

(Regarding your writing)

What are you currently working on?

Working on a poetry book that will include my photos…stay tuned!

What themes and concepts does your work generally revolve around?

Most of my published work mentions self-reflection, social views, and answering interviews.

Tell us about some of your finished pieces/ work.

I’ve done several paid blogs while traveling Europe. I have my poetry posted on facebook and I’m working on creating a book for my written works.

Have you been published? Self published? Do you have a blog dedicated to your writing?

My friend told me my first published writing was after my long winded response to an interviewer in Berlin who printed my quotes exactly. LOL. IDK if this counts but its a few pages. My blogs can be found on my company website under the tab, Articles & Blogs.

What are you reading?

I’m currently re-reading the King James Bible, Outside Hollywood by Isaac Botkin, and a few books from Germany to keep my German fresh.

Favorite authors, fiction:

Charlaine Harris, Jerry B. Jenkins, John Ray Grisham Jr., and Ted Dekker

Favorite authors, nonfiction:

Beverly Gray, Richard Schickel, Maya Angelou, and Cornel West

Favorite comic strips/ comic books/ graphic novels?

Growing up I didn’t read many comics. I loved the characters produced from them like Spawn, Deadpool, Wolverine, Gambit, Superman, and Batman, just to name a few. DC comics make great graphic novels.

Your website(s): FacebookTwitterphotography website, and company website


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