Cohen Asher / Alien Architect —-> Artist, Musician, Vocalist, Writer :::: An Interview :::


Do you have a FB page dedicated to your artwork? Please friend request Cohen Asher, that’s me 🙂

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Name: Asher Cohen

Age: Three hundred and sixty million years old

Hometown: globularity

Current town: the PH to the illy 🙂

Job description: manifest mantra main

Bio: As for Cohen Asher, well what could be said really; man, mystery,

novel, inquisitive, synaptic. His painting style is that of a painter

characterized by painterly qualities of that of that which is painted

painty. In hopes, in aims of mere foundation he takes advice of his

advocate pedestal mental mechanical schemas which have been primed

since the big bang, and it is with this that he, a writer acting out

the character that most resembles him that also fits with the story he

seems to be co-authoring he feels within his limited gaze including

peripheral, plays his role in the character setting plotted dotted

line de-linneation.


Upcoming projects: always more 🙂 announcement coming VERY SOON 🙂

friend COHEN ASHER on facebook 🙂 🙂 FILM, ART EXHIBITIONS,

WRITING, NEW ALBUM(S), TOUR 🙂 🙂 ……………………………

Describe your work: Omnipresent as well as omnipotential with a

springle of pixie dust overcoat undress.

What themes and concepts does your work generally revolve around? The

themes of my work are generally quintessential 🙂

What materials do you work with? I work with matter and plasticity and

mixed media mixings, paint, surfaces, sensory, perception, I/one could

go on…..and on 🙂

What are you currently working on? a million bagillion gazillion things

all at once 🙂


What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?

Rituals, yes. Patterns, yes. Routines for attempting to switch out of

routine, yes. And attempts to switch out of that further routine,

true. And so on it goes—-> “forever reflexive,” as I’ve heard it be

said by a host with the most once upon a recent time at The Fire late

night show performance feature of Alien Architect 🙂

And are some point the voyeuristic nueroticism of the whole thing

becomes further and further apparent and all the less subtle. It is at

this point that the cultural paradigm shift arises out of the new

knowledge which is really no more than a perspective: a perspective

that informs your better judgement, and your judgement is saying this



What’s your art background / when did you begin really focusing on

art? The background of art belongs not to eye or no one one. As for my

focus, my focus arose out of the rising that had been set forth by an

incline in something else some odd years a Gogh. Though the truth of

the matter is that he who hath divided the two or the

many/multiplicity knows what he has done. I wonder how many times its

really more so about admitting denials? And when its really more so

about new knowledge schematique? 🙂


What’s been happening in your life/ what’s next for you? EVERYTHING

has been been happening. So much. Over the top. Way out there 🙂

Art. Musique. Art exhibitions. Travel.

Murals/Public/Communal/Installation Art. SOUND, film, fabric, you name

it, when i learn the names unbenounced to My me’s my, up till the

point of learned helplessness/hopelessness pattern behaviour-isms’

disintigration 🙂

Describe your current state of mind / what’s inspiring you? i agree

with all things, but sometimes some of the things i agree with choose

to not agree with me no matter what i do, so i try to do the best i

can with that 🙂 🙂 🙂 3 is my lucky and favourite number 🙂 its a

funny coincidence that my favorite number and my lucky number just so

happen to be the same? …hmmm…..?

I wonder WHY that is? is there a causation or correlation between the

open almost open endeness of personal subjective preference favoritism

with the objective measurable likelihood of actualized objective

luckness/luckiness of that given object of favour 🙂 🙂



Do you have any exhibits coming up/ past exhibits you’d like to

mention? i was at this one spot which was great, then as of late

stupid easy galley on 4th and market, i’ve shown on 1st friday street

with craigslist stranger who was actually pretty nice-except maybe i

smiled too much-people sometimes like it when you frown and

communicate with more distance than would make them feel equal or even

better than you. Then they like to fill the emptiness in their self

esteem with the clinginess of being chained and handcuffed to you 🙂

🙂 🙂 Much of what goes on runs on a backwards socialization passed

down systemique 🙂 The notion of mirror neurons peaks my interest as

do many other topics 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Is any of your work political? none of it 🙂

What are you trying to communicate with your art? Something that is

more specific and detailed to the very self contained contingency

meaning/end/NOW than any word or afterthought intellectualizion proof

read sales pitch could ever convey, even unto my me’s self knowledge

applicability waiting list comparative processing 🙂

What is one of the biggest challenges you face as an artist? Dualities

such as good vs, bad, self vs. other, mine vs. yours, top-down

processing, bottom-up processing, statistical mantra mimicry positive

positing, cognitive dissonance 🙂

How has the meaning of your work changed over time? it is competely

different from what it wuz. Better i think according to me. we’re all

just guessing we don’t know for surely necessarilly it has been

postulated out of a limited experiential sheesh golly darndest

attempts 🙂


Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet? For

one, Plaster. For two, Paint that looks like one color in the light

but becomes a different color in the dark, EX. blue in the light and

yellow in the dark, or, say, turquois in the dark and plumb in the

light. ALSO, i am interested in the brightest yellow you’ve ever seen

ever, almost like staring at the sun’s center as its circumphrence’s

linnears FLY in every direction accented by the tears that maintain

your eyes’ moisture which recieve signals from your brain’s neurology

communication electric process mechanisms’ MIND 🙂

What is your dream project? Tour the world, Art all over the world and

other planets too 🙂 🙂 Books, Albums, Theater, “Ritual,” Life, Truth,

Drums, Piano, Guitar, Bass, DJing, Experimenting, ColabOurating,

Improvisation, Form, Polyrhythm, Dynamic, Tradition, Rule Break,

stratigue, mind clear 🙂

What was the last exhibit you attended? Monet, Vagner, Debussy, DJ

Spooky, Acid Mother’s Temple, MUM, Cohen Asher et Stupid Easy Gallery

en Philadelphia, Arvo Part, Philip Glass, Georgia Kelly, Cohen Asher

et all at FIre and Ice, Harold Budd, Mars Volta, Sonic Youth,

Portishead, Blood Arte’ Fellow at that one gallery in Philadelpia

who’s name currently escapes me 🙂

Your website(s):

Cohen Asher on Facebook

Alien Architect bandcamp

Alien architect blog

Alien Architect Youtube Channel 🙂


Regarding your writing, what are you currently working on? i have been working on a memior for

some time now.

What themes and concepts does your work generally revolve around?

Playing with language, and kinda talking about the action of talking

its self, its kinda the prehistory predate, very before before kinda

thingy. Very shoe gazer, pulled back, withdrawn, outside looking in at

an umbella blanket overarch of blank stair to climb like a ladder with

feet attached to arms and hands attached to ears cut off and given as

gifts by Van Gogh to Matisse and all the rest in the form of a

martered female principle miscalculative unconscious projection mirror

neurological response attribution erroring 🙂


What are you reading? Krishna Murti, random new agey things, poetry

things, philosophy psychology biology bla bla etc sorta stuff,

articles, stuff like that, informational stuff i can flip through and

that has a certain kinda “specific me” to “general everybody” in it

kinda thing 🙂

What themes and concepts does your music generally revolve around?

Beats, lyrics, Beats, drone, dynamic, Beats, cuts, breaks,

syncipation, polyrhythm, communication, form, improvisation, the

contrast and electrical tension that arrises out of the

distance/difference between this incorrect way, with all of its

complimentary elemants (bass, guitar, drums, etc) and the fact that

they match each other but do not match the “correct” way to do it per

say necessarilly all the time (depending on your where you at with the

whole thang). Which is to say, sometimes new things happen or things

that are off of the map. i remember people used to talk about putting

stuff “on the map” and wanting/desiring to be/become “on the map.” But

it seems to me that unmarked, un-tarnished, not touched by the hands

of man/humans/womyn, like uncharted territory, is GORGEOUS. its like

that movie where they pretty much had heaven on earth, but then more

and more poeple found out about it and desired it and argued over it

and then it was ruined 🙂

linked to and/or related to the story of the falling tower of Babylon

so i hear 🙂 🙂


What instruments do you play? drums, bass, guitar, piano, vox, play,

electrical things and nic nacs and sound collage EDITions, and mo 🙂

What are you currently working on? NEW ALBUM, new shows and more

shows, TOUR, TRAVEL, ART EXHIBITIONS, finding ____ ____ and self

discovery and the meaning of life and contributing to the uncovering

of the understanding of how A-MAZE-ZING everything is, and that the

more we know this and set up our reactionary environments to know this

truth/reality manifest, the closer we are to what is most emmediate to

us, that of which is most closest, the root, the source, the oneness,

the “IS” within us all in a vague putted way that is almost more

descriptive in a way than many of the alternative ways, which is to

say NOT that it is for BETTER or for WORSE—–>like marriage, but

that it ISM 🙂

What was the last show you attended? WHY? at UNION TRANSFER, i also

saw SBTRKT with ARAAB MUZIC at UNION TRANSFER, K-os, Saul Williams, TV

on the Radio, Janelle Monet, M.I.A., Wiz Califa and Snoop Dog,

Matisyahu, ANIKA 🙂 DEATH GRIPS WAS AWESOME 🙂 Many of those shows

were at UNION TRANFER or R5 PRODUCTION SHOWS! which, if you don’t

already know bout it—-> UNION TRANFER and/or R5 PRODUCTION SHOWS are

freaking OFF the Chain 🙂 🙂

What’s your music background / when did you begin really focusing on

music? Predating the conception into the womb and the cesection that

through which i was born from upon my arrival, my entrance into this

biosphere biodome. Planet Earth is space ship 🙂

What’s been happening in your life/ what’s next for you? integral

integrity integration 🙂 maintain/maintenance 🙂 unity unify 🙂

positive positing 🙂 trials and errors with usages of “my” most long

term and short term memory memorial retrievals’ focus or non-focus

release clean out….things like that 🙂

Describe your current state of mind / what’s inspiring you? ‎!staying

UP # double entendre subtext motif overarching umbrella thematic multi

meaning/ending in and of its’ self contained state of nature/concept

social contract comparison mental map model—–> top/down vs.

bottom/up processing heuristic variable 3rd party Milgrim study,

salivation Bell, learning curve, bell curve, GPA applicability after

the factual happenstance WUZ; which IS to SAY


Do you have any shows coming up/ past shows you’d like to mention?

LOTS AND TONS, Look up cohen Asher or Alien Architect, it’ll be there

🙂 Friend Cohen Asher on facebook tooo 🙂 he nize, tell him i him i

sent yee 🙂


Might have a FRINGE FEST show coming up, whish would be freaking

phenominal fantastique to me is SOW 🙂 Sow we’ll SEE if that works out

🙂 I BELIEVE it WILL 🙂 🙂 If it/FRINGE ends up working out, PLEASE

feel FREE to hit me up on COHEN ASHER facebook or email me at and be like “i read that MANDISART article, would

you pretty pease kindly get me on the list to get in for FREE or at

least reduced admission???” 🙂 AND I’ll try my sheesh golly darndest

and see what I can pull OFF 🙂 🙂

Is any of your music political? all of it 🙂

What are you trying to communicate with your art? its too stressful

and political and complicated to really get into 🙂 and mi/la musique

es kinda “scary,” i’ve realized a little bit to my subversive

underpainting rhythm section drone dismay realization———->

excited for the NEW 🙂

What is one of the biggest challenges you face as a musician?

acceptance from the plethora of diverse jugdment appraisals and tastes

and conservatism (i.e. not necessarily political conservatism or

anything like that in particular [for NOWW]). Many want to conserve

old habit and ways of doing things which hinders the environment that

i feel would foster my/O.U.R. furthering GROWTH, at times 🙂 PLUS i

have to just get better and better in a “self contained self evident

maintain integrate have a blast sort of fashion” as of lateness, yet

“remain balanced and cater to other important imported arenas and

points of interest as well” 🙂


How has the meaning of your music changed over time? It is now

competely different from what it was. The question IS—-> COULD one

be silly enough to plan something like that years in advance 🙂 🙂 🙂

🙂 Its less of me being the character, and more of me writing the

character and then playing my role in the script that is written for

the either real or imagined audience, as apposed to simpy only merely

for social gathering networking video documentation audition material

record keeping purposes 🙂 1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person,

omniscient 🙂

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet? Owning

a studio, almost like ELECTRIC LADY STUDIOS kind of a thing, that I

cant currently afford and creating and creating and creating and

experimenting and learning and feeling and trying out things and going

on “sacred journeys” which is normally bad because there are

obligations, but instead of “sucking it up” such that obligations and

not procrastinated, my obligations would instead be the sorts of

things that are actually conveniently part of the “sacred journey” and

they go hand in hand and dissolve into one another and no longer

conflict but are instead much like the question of the chicken or the

egg 🙂

————>“Whats the answer to a silly question? a silly answer” 🙂

What is your dream project? something where i don’t feel like i am

making alterations to anything in any way but it still manages to be

good somehow 🙂


Are you involved with any organizations/ do you collaborate with other

musicians? YES! many 🙂 For one, Manic Machine is off the chain 🙂 🙂

What are you listening to these days? SBTRKT, MUM, AH NEE MA, this bob

dylan vinyl on repeat often at the end a night upon return, Stars of

the Lid, Portishead, the new K-OS record, Saul Williams volcanic

Sunlight album, Pink Floyd 🙂

What are some misconceptions people often have about you? i have no

idea. sometimes i worry about it, in fact i worry about it constantly,

always. Sometimes it gets so bad, i feel like its all do: WORRY WORRY

WORRY 🙂 But the less i worry about the bettering of the ways

everything is, the better everything is, which causes less worry and

has a positive increase in correlation as well as causation 🙂


Your website(s):

Cohen Asher on Facebook

Alien Architect bandcamp

Alien architect blog

Alien Architect Youtube Channel 🙂

☮ ☮ ☮ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯


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  1. […]… . The site, as you can see when you click on the link, is called Manufactured Dissent (like a play on the Noam Chomsky film Manufactured Consent, a film dealing with analysis on power structure, print and projection screen media like tv, language systems, and News and the channels it goes through before reaching an audience and the ways in which that effects its accuracy and what it perpetuates and who that perpetuation benefits and why and since when and so forth… ).  Anyways these are the stellar photos that Rutherford took of Devin Asher Cohen = Alien Architect = Cohen Asher and his vibration magnetism art works whilst at his peace love kindness exhibition of transcendence :: […]

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