New Manufactured Dissent Contributor: Haylee Anne

We are pleased to announce a new contributor joining the ranks. As you may recall, we featured Haylee’s work  recently. She will now be interviewing artists and writing about the ever dynamic and exciting world of contemporary art…

Now for a few words from Haylee:

Hello, cats! So happy to be joining you on this artistic journey. I am a highly motivated individual, and I have taken the crusade of contemporary art upon my sword and shield. It is my desire to work with others, bring in the thoughts of other artists I know, get to know the work of others, and create meaningful dialogue and discussion.

I am incredibly well versed in every form of photography, including, but not limited to: Digital photography, 35mm, 120mm, 4×5 film, black and white processing, black and white and color printing, lomography, cyanotype, van dyke brown print, palladium printing, salt prints, wet plate, darkroom set up and management.

I also love cats, the Black Keys, a good pint of cider, getting a good nights sleep, good food, hiking, processing a role of film, when a good print comes out, sleeping on the beach, loving, cats, having a good health day, seeing a loved one find joy.”


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