Zara Kand

What are you working on? 
Too many things! I recently started a new painting that I’m excited about, 3’x4′, bigger than anything I’ve worked on in awhile.. I’ve also been chipping away at songs for my music project -Shark Egg Blues, as well as a bit of writing, a little sculpting, and acting & commissioned painting for a short film. 

Describe your work.
Somewhat surrealistic, somewhat dark, emotional & personal, elemental, sometimes erotic, sometimes whimsical

Do you collaborate with other artists?
As far as visual arts go I have been staying independent lately, but I’m open to interesting projects should they come my way. Musically I’ve been collaborating with others, particularly the artist LoopooL.

Plans for the future?
I just finished a big body of new paintings that I plan on exhibiting soon, most likely in Los Angeles. Beyond that I’m going to keep working, improving my skills.. My dream is to own a house in the woods, not too far from the city, where I can work without the restraining walls of “space and time”, have the freedom to take on any creative form that calls to me.

What do you do for fun?
Art is work, but it is also my fun.. however when I need a break I like going on walks, dancing, dinner parties, watching documentaries, seeing live music that’s not of the predictable, being tickled.. 

What’s on your mind? 
Right now? Quitting my day job. Sex. Food. What to do with my painting in its awkward stage.

Any exhibits coming up? 
This month I’ll be showing a couple pieces in The Hive Gallery’s July group show.. 

Any past exhibits you’d like to mention?
The latest places I’ve exhibited at have been The Hive, Cannibal Flower, and the Eclectic Egress Fest, all group showings.

Is any of your work political?
I wouldn’t say that it is -I try to be involved with politics the least that I can. However, indirectly, they definitely reflect that inevitable rebelliousness towards conforming to societal structure; and an animosity towards developments in modern day culture, which I feel are ‘numbifying’ rather than enriching..

What are you currently interested in? 
Expanding the mind.

What are you reading? 
I just finished ‘Concerning the Spiritual in Art’, by Wassily Kandinsky. I’ve yet a whole stack of books awaiting me, not sure what’s next!

What websites do you visit each day? 
I try not to spend too much time on there.. sometimes I look up other artists, images for paintings, music, recipes, networking..

What types of music/ audio are you listening to these days? 
I really enjoy weird soundscape stuff while painting. Aside from that some favorite albums recently added to my collection are Tom Wait’s ‘Franks Wild Years’, Marc Almond’s ‘Torment And Torreros’, and The Doors ‘The Soft Parade’

Tell us about a few of your favorite spots in LA.
I live in Echo Park, LA. There’s quite a few neat spots to go see music or grab a bite.. but I don’t get out much these days. Unfortunately they closed down the park not far from my house, I used to like to go by the lake at night and drink gin.

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