Michelle Frazier

What are you working on? 

I am working on several things right now. The first is an armature torso (wire, plaster gauze) piece that I’ve had for a while. Finally figured out how I wanted to finish it, and I’m letting the piece dictate how it wants to look.  I’m exploring drawing/painting, taking short breaks from sculpting. It helps to generate new ideas. The drawings are more like doodle drawings that become very elaborate, using shapes, lines, and words to complete the picture. Doing these drawings allows me to break the image down into shapes and has a gestural look about them which I keep in my doodle sketch book. Also I’m working on a stone piece which will be gestural and flowing much like my doodles.

Describe your sculptures.

My sculptures are stone, clay and armatures.  They explore the inner beauty and strength hidden beneath the surface. In some ways my work also speaks about the emotional mindset of women and how we are connected.  Each piece is one of a kind, and has its own story, but they are connected to each other.


Do you collaborate with other artists?

I have collaborated with other artists in the past, and would like to do so again, given the right venue.

Plans for the future?

My plans are to keep up my website and produce more work.  I would like to work life size with my armatures, and have larger stone pieces. Also, I would like to exhibit more, travel a lot more and visit with my other artist friends who live in other places. I would like to teach on the college level as well. After teaching all age groups, I feel that I can give the most to those aspiring artists fresh out of high school.

What do you do for fun?

I like to go out and explore the world. I like to play on my Wii. I like to have a good laugh with good friends. I like power tools, textures, colors, materials, Home Depot.

What’s on your mind? 

I have a lot on my mind right now; I could write a book.  My main concern is finding another teaching job. Find ways to maximize my summer break like taking a class to enrich my life, doing artwork. How to keep my head above water, stay on a positive path and walk on faith and not flip out.

Is any of your work political?

I don’t think my work is political…but then again, the viewer may have a different opinion.

What are you currently interested in? 

My current interests are reading graphic novels, listening to music, fixing my house, watching cartoons, various tv shows.

What are you reading? 

Last books read were Art in Fear, which opened my eyes to better understanding myself as an artist. Also Graphic Novel Fables no. 8.

What websites do you visit each day? 

Websites I visit: Facebook, Quirky Black Girl, Lemondrop for women, Montoya sculpture. There are more, but they are mainly for research for art classes/ supplies.

What types of music/ audio are you listening to these days?
I listen to different types of music.  I love old school dance/club, r&b, classic rock, alternative rock, Putumayo (music from different cultures), Lounge/hypnotic (i.e. Naked Music, Thievery Corporation, Mushroom Jazz, Moby, etc). Currently on my ipod, is an eclectic mix of music, such as Slash, Joan Jett, Jay-Z, Puddle of Mud, Days of the New, Mothers Finest, Queen Latifah, T.I., Brand New Heavies, Madonna, the Cult, Prince, No Doubt.


Tell us about a few of your favorite spots in DC.

I love Uptown, Friendship Heights, Columbia Heights, Bethesda, Eastern Market, and Old Towne Alexandria. Have subway, will travel!

Your website:

My website is MichelleFrazierSculptures.webs.com

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