Niki Bombshell / Art in the Dark

What are you working on?

Right now I am working on better means of Promotion for Art in the Dark. Trying to step my game up basically. Also, I am trying to get back to the roots of my own art work. The promoting gets crazy and you can’t lose touch of what you started with.

Tell us about Art in the Dark.
I started this event as a rebellion/throwback to what has been happening to the gallery and vending scenes. I have been involved in all of it over the years and I feel that it all become too complicated and pretentious. Events that used to be free and only judged by the calibur of work are now $50 plus, and you don’t even get a table! Galleries arn’t letting anyone new in based on sales and numbers. The bad economy has hit the art scene in Philly HARD, to the point where even people who are considered “sellable” are being passed over because the using of newer and edgier talent is considered too risky. So basically, I started out using my friends but now have expanded to open calls for artists and have found so many talented people who are so grateful just to be there! You have to be hungry for it these days and we definately are!
But more importantly than all that is my need to bring Philly’s fantastic art scene to the masses that may not have thought to gallery hop on first Friday, or may not feel they fit into the “arts scene.” They can come to a comfortable bar setting and not feel controlled by the pretentious. And since the work is all priced for the cash poor, they can walk out with it that night and not feel guilty about it. I’m bringing art to the rest of the universe.

Who is involved?
I have a very strong rotating roster of Artists. They include the likes of Tina Baskins, Greg Christie, Andrew Dyer (who helps with a lot of my promoting), as well as many others that are happy to be involved. I can give more names upon request.

Plans for the future?
I have started doing the research to make Art in the Dark a not for profit based company. I would like it to become a sustainable business for a good cause. If I’m saving Philly’s art scene, it should probably be on the books at some point.

Plans to collaborate with other folks in the future?
I already have. I collaborated with some of the folks who run the MAC AIDS fund and it was fantastic. We raised a lot of money to help find a cure. There is talk of doing it again, and in the future I’d like to possibly work with WOAR.

But on a non charity note, I am looking for performance troupes to collab with, possibly something in the burlesque range? I’d also like to have more body painting in the future, that aways is fun and goes really well.

What do you do for fun?
Honestly, I go out a lot. I like good beer and stinky dives (ha!). There is always a great atmosphere (even if it’s a little weird it’s still entertaining) and I always make some great single serving friends.

What’s on your mind?
Right now? Lunch. I’m starving. ha!.. you can’t be deep and artsy all the time.

What are you currently interested in?
My life pretty much revolves around art and beer, as well as the occasional terrible zombie movie.

What are you obsessed with?
Zombie movies. The worse they are, the better and also I’m dealing with an issue with shoes right’s very sad. But I’m coping. It’s one of the few girly obsessions right now.

What are you reading?
“Me talk pretty one day” by David Sedaris is amazing. Look it up if you haven’t.

What websites do you visit each day?
It’s lame but I mostly just refresh facebook a lot. I tend to stick to business when I’m online. Email, facebook, and

What types of music/ audio are you listening to these days?
I’ve recently gotten into The Black Keys. They are amazing! I’ve also recently gotten Adele and I can’t get that Cee lo Green song out of my head.

Tell us about a few of your favorite spots in Philly.
You can usually find me at the following dives: Bob and Barbara’s, Mcglinchy’s, Good dog, Tattooed Mom’s, and a few other spots that escape me right now. They are all pretty chill but pretty divey. That’s really all that needs to be said.

Facebook: Art in the Dark


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