A Conversation with Jed Williams…

A while back, I stopped by Jed Williams’ studio and chatted w/ him about his art and his plans to open a new gallery, which is now open to the public. The new gallery, Jed Williams Studio, will be hosting exhibits, special events and parties.  The studio aims to contribute to the vitality and unique spirit of the Queen Village/ Bella Vista neighborhood; offering insight into the artistic process and production of Philadelphia’s most exciting new emerging artists. If you would like to be added to the gallery’s roster of artists, contact Jed (follow the link above).

So back to my visit w/ Jed. At the time, Jed had just returned from a trip to Normandy. While in France, he’d seen Takeshi Kitano’s exhibit.

Jed has recently exhibited at Astro Vintage Boutique in Philadelphia, in Pottstown at the James Ender Pop Gallery and at Nestology in the KOP mall. Given the chance to segue into another medium (and the time and resources), he’d probably delve into printmaking. Certain elements of it really appeal to him, particularly that a sculpture begets a drawing. That plus the repetition, though he’s really intrigued by monotypes and monoprints.

When not working on his paintings, Jed enjoys yoga and jogging. He plays bass w/ the Justice League of Adversaries. Jed’s a French-American dual citizen. He reads in both French and English but the feeling of the material really varies from language to language. Reads a lot of philosophy, and reads Grid magazine regularly.

When I was at the studio, Jed was working on a large painting called Disintegration and on a 4×6” piece for the Dear Fleischer Art Auction. Many of Jed’s paintings focus on the process of dealing with depression and mental illness. Though it’s sometimes a struggle, he tries to make beauty from difficulty. He’s also influenced by the way people perceive their relationship to the world. His paintings are mainly a mixture of abstract and representational art. Drawn to symbolism, images representing themes such as greed, rampant corporatism, the human necessity for affection, Buddhism and holistic thought can be found in Jed’s work.

Jed Williams Studio is now open.  For gallery hours and info please visit: http://www.jedwilliamsstudio.com


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