Reverend Aitor and the Misanthrope Specialty Company

What are you currently working on?
Much of the my time and energy is currently focused on the Misanthrope Specialty Company’s North American tour, so I don’t have any major projects cooking at the moment, outside of the Company’s weekly drawing sessions.
Are you currently exhibiting your work? Do you have any upcoming exhibits?
We haven’t discussed anything in an official capacity, but the Company will likely put another post-tour exhibition together once we return to Toronto in September.

Also this fall, my Unflattering Portrait project will be a part of the SMILE exhibit at Baltimore’s Visionary Art Museum.

Unflattering Amy

How would you define your visual style?
In a word: bilious.

What themes and concepts does your work generally revolve around?
Discomfort, anachronism, misplaced keys.

What’s your background?
My favourite background is an autumnal forest scene.

What do you think of the Toronto art scene? Are you involved with any groups or organizations?
Toronto is a big city with multiple, often overlapping art scenes.  Generally like it just fine.

I’m involved with few groups; primarily, the Misanthrope Specialty Co. art collective.

Good Morning, Citizens

What are you currently reading?
I’m almost done with H to K of Collier’s Encyclopaedia.  I’ll probably skip U to V though.

Music you like:
The laughter of orphans is music to my ears.

What are some of your interests?
Tobacco, delicious foods, and vintage ephemera.

Favorite comic strips/ comic books/ graphic novels?
I miss Calvin and Hobbs.  The quiet existential resignment of Marmaduke is a cold comfort.

Favorite visual artists?
Windsor McCay, Henry Darger, and Tara Bursey, among many others.

Favorite movies?
I have to watch Miller’s Crossing every time it’s on television.

A Secret Society of Exhibitionists Are We

If someone were to come to your town/ city to visit, what places/ bars/ parks/ events etc should they be sure to check out?
Everyone should witness the gaudy palace of bargain goods that is Honest Ed’s.  That’s the first place I recommend to those looking for something outside the conventional landmarks and tourist attractions.e

Is there anything else you’d like to discuss?
Nah. I’m good.

Your website:

First Cigarette of the Morning
Gambling Christ Lands in Hot Water With His Bookies and Needs Your Help
My Stars!

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