Troy Souders

Hi, my name’s Troy Souders. Drinker of coffee and painter of pretty pictures…

What are you currently working on?
Right now I’m working on some really large acrylic pieces on unfinished wood and some watercolors. I usually don’t work that big but I’m always up for a new experience/ challenge. I just recently took a screen printing class and am planning on having some prints and shirts available in the near future. In addition I’ve taken a stab at painting blank vinyl toys. This is still top secret though. Don’t tell anybody or I’ll be forced to kill you. Hehehe just kidding. I just try to paint stuff that’s fun. No deep meanings or symbolism. Just good old fashioned fun.

Music you like?
I grew up listening to punk and hardcore (Bad Brains, Gorilla Biscuits, etc.) which I still really enjoy but my musical pallette has matured with time and I listen to a lot of Beirut, Silver Jews, Andrew Bird, etc. My kids say it’s because I’m old.

What’s your background?
I attended art school but I have to say that my art style blossomed when I started working in tattoo shops. You can see a lot of influences from tattoos in my work. On top of the painting I still also tattoo. I enjoy both very much!

Favorite visual artists?
There are so many talented artists that I admire it’s really hard to name them all. Here’s a few, Femke Hiemstra, Skinner, The Clayton Brothers, Kuniyoshi. The list could go on and on. I also enjoy old children’s book illustrations and vintage spot illustrations.

You can look me up on and flicker. I’m also on Twitter and facebook. You can follow me and keep up to date with all my new upcoming shows, prints, paintings for sale and so on. Hope to see you soon.

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