Call for Entries to ‘Time, Time, Time’ the 4th Terrace Annual 2009

Open for one day only: Saturday, September 5th from 3 – 8pm.
Last year’s 3rd annual show at Terrace brought together a group of over 30 artists whose work was installed and left outdoors on a former piece of wasteland. The private view was attended by over 300 people, the exhibition has remained in the space, exposed to the elements and has shifted, faded, broken, rotted, remained and disappeared over the past 12 months.
This year there is a call for entries that will add to this exhibition and again be left in the outdoor space; the theme of the show is TIME. The opening will be for one day only and will include a barbeque, DJs, the much anticipated album playback from the band Lark and an after show party at the Duke of Wellington.
Last years artists included: Maxine Beuret, Diane Bielik, Karl Bielik, Keira Blakey, Boyle & Shaw, Bimba Champion, Annabelle Dalby, Annie Davey, Julia Defferary, Pravin Dewdhory, Rob Flowers, Matt Golden, Julia Hamilton, Ross Hansen, Alex Hermon, Andrea Lippett, Heidi Locher, Vibeke Luther, Andrea Madjesi-Jones, Lorna Milburn, Nicola Morrison, Chris Peabody, Jo Peace, Grant Petrey, Will Robson-Scott, Rachel Russell, Marianne Spurr, Nicko Straniero, Sophie Tomlinson, Emily Trotter, Marijke Vasey, Max Wade, Julian Wakelin, Lynda Whitmore, Phil Wise, Retts Wood and Elizabeth Wright.
Download entry form at
4-17 Frederick Terrace

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