Levi Leddy Q&A

My hometown is Dallas, TX. I still reside in the Dallas area. I enjoy living here, but the summer heat and the allergies zap the energy out of me.

My medium of choice is acrylic paints. I occasionally incorporate spray paint in some of my paintings, it just depends on the painting. I paint on canvas, wood, masonite, plexi-glass, and just about any other flat surface. I just add gesso to these surfaces and it makes for a nice background to work with. I usually stretch my own canvases. It saves some money and makes me feel like I created the entire piece of artwork at the end of the process.
Artist Hero:
I was inspired by my Great Uncle Karl and my Great Aunt Uzila. They were professional artists from Germany. My Great Uncle painted modern art and my Great Aunt was into impressionism art. As a child, I visited Germany a few times. They had an amazing studio. I always thought it was fabulous to be able to do what you loved as your profession. I have an original painting from my Great Uncle hanging in my house. It was created in 1972. It is a painting that I cherish.

What’s your studio like?
I have an empty room that my 4 year old daughter Trinity calls “The Art Room.” I keep all of my artwork and stretched canvases in my studio. The flooring is concrete, so I do not have to worry about ruining carpet. Trinity has her easel and her artwork set up in her corner. I do not paint on an easel. I usually use a laundry bucket to paint my smaller paintings. Very unorthodox.

What are you currently working on?
I currently have 3 large canvases stretched. I am going to try and complete these three paintings by the end of the summer. Last year I painted several small pieces, so I figured I would change things up and go large. I am thinking of trying to incorporate a space-like atmosphere, combined with organic shapes that appear to come to life. The large space allows for more things to come to fruition.

What are you currently listening to?
I have been listening to a lot of Optimus Rhythm. They are a Seattle based band that incorporates rap and melodic beats. Very interesting music.

What’s your dream project?
My dream project would be painting a wall mural on a building in a downtown setting. In Dallas there is an area called Deep Ellum. There used to be a tunnel that included murals from many artists. The tunnel was torn down recently to make room for the rail system. It was so great to view all the amazing art as you passed through town. I would love to have the opportunity to provide artwork that people could witness on a daily basis.

Day job:
I currently work for UDR.com as a Website Content Specialist. UDR owns many apartments and townhouses throughout the United States. The website allows the consumer to lease via the internet. I am in charge of organizing the photography shoots for our various properties. After I receive the photos, I adjust them and load them onto our site and our affiliate sites, I also work on design, drawing floor plans, and various content related issues. I really enjoy working for UDR. They are a fabulous company that truly values their customers.

Favorite gallery:
My favorite gallery would have to be the Janette Kennedy Gallery in Dallas. I have shown many times at this gallery. Clockwork and The Art of Skateboarding were the most recent shows that I participated in. The crowd and atmosphere at this venue are always great.

Forthcoming shows?
I have a solo show on Saturday, August 8th. It will be at The Whitney Gallery (aka The Factory Shoppe). The address is: 2650 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226. I will have over 40 pieces of artwork on display. It should be an amazing show. I have never featured all of my artwork at one time. Usually, I have my artwork scattered at different galleries. I am really looking forward to this show.
I will also participate in The Art of Skateboarding 2, at the Janette Kennedy Gallery on November 7th. The address is: 1409 South Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215. Every artist is given a skateboard deck and given the freedom to create whatever they desire. It is truly an amazing show. The original Art of Skateboarding raised over $44,000 for the Scottish Rite Foundation.

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