Jonathan K. Slingluff

Jonathan’s Statement: In recent years these somewhat, monochromatic paintings have turned into a “scrapbook” or tactile journey of my life filling in the voids where photos lack. Recreating memories of my past by means of paint on surface. These paintings try to embrace the underlying feeling that people often misconstrue as “the dead” of winter. The simple, lifeless trees and barren landscapes whimsically forge a byway through the oft-neglected path of one’s perception of the bleak, sodden, and mundane northeastern winter. My attempt to condense the landscape into a simpler, shallow body of space by the most synthetic means possible. The reduction of forms found in the “typical” landscape, such as: mountains, grass, water, and what have you, turns into a graphic icon in the primary way by which I translate onto these paintings. Recognizable images and comfortable colors slowly guide the viewer though the painting.

“Like a filling side dish of epic tidbits, Jonathan Slingluff creates his work out of a mixture of tasteful restraint and skaterish bravura. The subject, generally nature-related, becomes an emblematically crystallized image in Slingluff’s work as he reduces the expanse of an ocean to one captivating line or stylizes a forest into a graphic textile pattern. Slingluff’s work is a treat for the viewer looking more for eye sushi than eye candy.” Steve Linden, Visual Mixology

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