Scott Einsig

Scott Einsig currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. He is a painter who sometimes makes stuffed animals. Scott prides himself on offering his work at an inexpensive price. He feels he does not pretend to ascribe redeeming qualities about the paintings he makes, or force the viewer into an esoteric world that requires a PHD in art history to extract themselves.

Scott usually works on each painting for about 30 minutes. Most of his objective pieces come from an exercise with his roommates that requires them to list the first three nouns they can think of. Scott then makes a quick sketch on the canvas, and basically it’s paint by numbers from there. Scott’s work is fun, humorous, colorful and very inexpensive to produce. This last fact allows him to create in a compulsive fashion. It is not uncommon for Scott to make 30-40 paintings in a two week span, and then stop painting for 4 months. However this process is less common for Scott now that he has easy access to a great work space. Now Scott works on 3-4 paintings per week, consistently. these are usually in the range of 20 x 30″ mostly, but lately he has made some mid to large pieces in the 48 x 84″ range. Scott has stopped struggling with the task of categorizing his ideas and has begun to just let them flow.

To view Scott’s work online, check out his portfolio and his blog.


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