TreMundo: Traci Nelson Q&A

Tell us a little about your website(s).

Tremundo is a reflection of self and a little piece of my world. The site highlights a few of my creative outlets and vanguards I’ve met along the way. I try to continually update the site based upon latest work and new projects that I might be experimenting.
The power of the web is often underestimated and using a website not only helps to promote my own work, also helps to network and learn with other artists! There’s an amazing amount of talented artists in the world, networking has become so vital and also serves as a great tool to learn and inspire any artist.

I also have a book website, wakingtotears.., that promotes my book and as a tool for people to connect with similar situations. My book site is the side of me that uses words as art. A voice for myself as well as many people and opens the eyes to those who just might think they are invincible.

What are you currently reading?
ADORN magazine…great mag referred to by another artist and luckily enough to find in a craft store. Full of new ideas and great tips for various art and craft projects.

Tell us a little about yourself.
How much time do you have…this would take too long…basically I try to live a simple life while bombarded by a complex life. Truly appreciate the little things and keeping it simple all the while living life as a woman, mother, artist, author, activist and all around jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none!

I once read that not utilizing our creative outlets is like having perpetual PMS. I find myself seeing the world with what can I make with that? Did you see the color and form of the clouds? How did those sneakers end up on the phone wire? How did they make that? Can I try to transform that into something that works with what I’m doing? Curious to what surrounds me while utilizing that creative outlet as therapy!

Most important, I have amazing mini-me’s that are the jewels of my life. They are my greatest inspirations, trials and most rewarding part of my life. They are a part of everything I do and keep me busier than I ever imagined!

Describe your recent artwork.
Always working on some sort of project from textiles to recently experimenting with collage and printmaking at home, utilizing the falling leaves, oils and the joy of caran d’ ache crayons! I’ve noticed that I’ve had a trend of having some form of trees in my most recent works. Ever notice how leaves are like snowflakes…no two alike?

In addition to my personal art, currently working on a new community project with anti-violence efforts similar to Peaceful Vizion. New project is a voice for Philly youth and a remembrance of victims, witnesses and survivors of violence. There is more than one generation deeply affected by violence and their voice has been quiet for too long. Our future has been muffled by the violence and seek to be heard and will be through their art.

What type of planning and preparation do you engage in before starting on a new project?
More than anything, there is something that inspires me to do a new piece of work, be it a person, place or thing…something that has evoked an emotion that needs to be put into art. I play around with image and tools until I find what is working with what I am feeling. Must have music on, great lighting and escape into that little place I go to when I create!

What interests do you have other than art?
Have a bad habit of this incredible need to pick up that lonely piece of furniture along the curb, take it home, nourish it, refurnish it and create a new piece from someone’s trash. I’m always amazed at what you can find and how disposable we really are in this society!

Love the outdoors, be it the woods or the sand between my toes. There is something serene about the ocean that seems to put me in my place and remind me how small we really are in this world. Spend time near the ocean all year round, the air is refreshing, always find something to inspire the creative part of me and cleanses the soul.

Favorite short story or poem: to be nobody but yourself e.e. cummings

Favorite lyrics to a song: It’s a toss-up between:

“Let me take you on a trip, Around the world and back …” ”World in My Eyes” Depeche Mode
“Then you really might know what it’s like…” “What It’s Like” Everlast

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