Swizzlestix // Marcia Copeland

Marcia Copeland is a San Francisco based textile designer and founder of Swizzlestix.

Designer Bio: Raised and educated in St. Louis, Marcia studied fine art at Webster University with an emphasis in painting and printmaking. Soon after, she expanded into the world of graphic design, where she’s been using pixels and pantones to splash her creativity for over 12 years. Unable to contain her passion to create greeting cards, she allowed herself to unleash her designs in 2003, selling to various boutiques and gift stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Encouraged by her clients and friends, she has recently developed an array of home decor products which include pillows, tea towels, placemats and coasters.

About Swizzlestix: Swizzlestix is a San Francisco based design pad which creates tea towels, placemats, coasters, decorative pillows and greeting cards. All textiles are 100% cotton and hand silk screened in India, however the aprons and greeting cards are all hand-made and printed locally in San Francisco.

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