Karl Bielik

A little while back in June, we noticed the art of Karl Bielik and checked out his site. We wanted to know more, so we sent him a round of questions, which he replied to.

Your websites: http://www.karlbielik.com/ – paintings; http://www.terracestudios.co.uk/ – gallery: http://www.myspace.com/lark2006 – band.

Favorite short story or poem: The Bluebird – Charles Bukowski

Favorite lyrics to a song: “Rhodedendrum is a nice flower” from Do The Strand by Roxy Music

What are you currently reading? The Heart, edited by James Peto. It’s a welcome trust exhibit based on the heart (factual and fictional) and before A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard – James Frey

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a painter and musician and that’s generally what i do.

Favorite movies: It’s a Wonderful Life

Tell us about your recent artwork. Large scale oil paintings, abstract with text and dealing with the idea of departure, failure, leaving and not using any black paint.

Describe the environment and atmosphere you work in for us. Do you generally work alone or with people? I work in both art and music in the studios/gallery that I run. I work alone when I paint, with other band members in Lark in two separate studios.

Is it quiet or do you play music? Music in both

What interests do you have other than art? Music, literature, film, second hand things, socializing.

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