Hervie Syan

Originally from the UK, Hervie Syan is a pianist who lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. Hervie has established himself as a unique and diverse musician. As a solo concert pianist, Hervie has given many recitals improvising a fusion of Jazz, Indian, and contemporary classical styles as well as a more traditional repertoire.

Having toured throughout England and Canada, performing in Taiwan has given Syan another layer to his music. “I am interested in the Taoist principle of wu wei found in martial arts here in Asia whereby intuitive spontaneous action (correct action) unfolds naturally by emptying the mind of thought and conflict – a principle that I am applying to my music making.” Syan is currently researching Tao philosophy in Taiwan in preparation for a future book consisting of essays on philosophy and music. He believes in the bringing together of different cultures and artistic mediums through compassion. Syan is currently working on his second CD as well as developing his new record label, ‘ynsarecords’. His first album, ‘an equality between expressions’, was released in 2003, and is a staggering artistic achievement in modern piano music. In February, Syan performed in Denmark. He opened an arts festival at the Vanlose Culture House in Copenhagen by performing a Gandhian based concert of piano music and multi-media. Two Gandhian inspired music making workshops were held by Syan at the Vanlose Culture House and the Danish Union of Musicians.


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