Anna Cherniahivsky


This is a show by Anna Cherniahivsky that I saw at AS220 in Providence, RI and I, just now – writing this – heard the curvy wooden sound from the artist herself. She’s drawing on nesting dolls. Unscrewing the tops of bodies from the below part.

They were on Sesame Street when I was a kid…and they were ANIMATED!!! Nesting dolls. I was o b se ss ed.
You know what I’m saying. The dolls within the dolls. Think about it animated….

Anyhoo. There should be some pictures of the show with this writing. I hope so.
Those pictures show a smidge of the great time that was had. There were some bands playing. I was thinking there would be people – LOTS OF THEM – but it decided to snow. It’s one particular band’s fault, in my humble opinion. Just because of bad luck. That’s all.

There were masks made and worn and loved.

There was music.

Brilliance, in my opinion.

There shall be more to come.

Anna’s work. Look at the picutures and imagine these images in New England. That’s what it was. With snow and music. For more information about Anna, check out our other site: and Anna’s site:

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