Anna C.

Among other things and non-things
Anna was birthed in Philadelphia in 1975…

i was born like all of us and there were green plush carpets that I crawled on
up stairs and into a room where I was funnily received and
Brought back downstairs to our apartment from the well-received intrusion on adults fucking
and there was a yellow room and a crib w/ orange and green and pink and white plaid walls which the cracked ceiling was rectangularity framed by and there was a bathtub that was a huge pool to my scale, that my parents made and I learned to swim in, before i learned to talk and a “dinning room” with tin punched silver dragon walls where many bananas were mashed by gums and then baby teeth then there were pigeons that would fly in the window of the new home we stole from them and my mother in the adjacent room , who heard me scream, coming in to swat them away from me and their former home, with a broom and there was space and light funneled though two story spaces, opened up, in an old Victorian building being re-broken-down, after it’s most recent inhabited (/renovated) past/life, as 1930’s tenement housing we found strange things small skeletons in opalized bottles, in 1 and a half feet of dirt, we dug out of the basement. closets, Victorian, original to the place, with toilets in them, small divided cells where people lived Victorian stencils and frescos -broken, on ceilings and passageway walls, when we removed the many years of layers layers of years of wall paper
Then there was living there in transformation walking over plank bridges to my bedroom, with the curtain wall and I mean the wall was a curtain, not the architectural term “curtain wall” a curtain I drew my favorite beings/characters on: Dracula, Alice in wonderland, the Cheshire caterpillar and others, when the hall was being leveled there there was space and time and the sound of records in bright, light, space david bowie, KISS, Marvin Gay, Beatles, Diana Ross, Echo and the Bunny Men, Prince, Michael Jackson and more this is where I was born again and again i am not religious but am reborn again and again through life, films, music, light, space, body, love, sick, muse…

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