Unni Woodworks

Two Handcrafted Lanterns Made from Recycled Materials

Shoji Lantern

Description of Lantern: Shoji – the modern term for translucent paper doors or windows – was the inspiration behind this lantern upon finding a piece of corrugated plastic in a curbside throw away. The side cutouts originated with two free-hand pencil lines that were then transcribed and cut allowing just a hint of light to sneak out of the sides. The slightly curved and beveled top help to frame the gentle glow of the Shoji.

A hand rubbed wax finish over oil and polyurethane was applied bringing out the beautiful grain contrasts of the red oak sides and Spanish cedar top and bottom.

Material sources:
Thrown away corrugated plastic, a pallet, an old bed rail, scrap plastic laminate, store bought lighting and cord

A Light From Lincoln Foods

The white birch lantern features mortise and tenon joinery, pyramid plugs and chamfered edges with a finish of clear lacquer and wax.

All wood and glass (and the top 2 screws) have been recycled from the old Lincoln Foods building in Lawrence Massachusetts.
For more information on Joe Unni and his work: http://www.manufactured-dissent.blogspot.com/2007_04_01_archive.html

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