Mind’s Eye Studio & Gallery // Jen Silver

Mind’s Eye Studio & Gallery showcases the work of San Francisco Bay Area Artist Jen Silver.

Jen started college at age 15 in her native state of Indiana. At 17 she transferred to Cornell University where she studied both marketing and sociology, fascinated by the many means of and reasons for human communication. Jen personally views art as one of the purest forms of communication and has trained across multiple artistic medium. In 2005 her works were exhibited and sold through websites, art shows and galleries based in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area. Her artwork is a part of multiple private collections and is also available to auction for select charitable causes. In 2006 Jen will be expanding her exhibits internationally to Paris Berlin and Pune, India in addition to continuing U.S. exhibits in San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas.

Jen’s work has been positively received by gallery owners, art critics and collectors and the general public. She has been included in educational curriculum at high school and college levels. Jen’s work explores many social, emotional and political subjects, but the common theme is exploring the “mind’s eye,” or the use of language to conjure fully constructed works of art from memories, desires, feelings, or images. Through deceptively simple and powerfully suggestive text messages she stimulates vivid inner images, smells, emotions and sounds unique to each individual. In various works she explores the effect of color and font in psycho-suggestion, pokes fun at media messages, examines differing learning styles, analyzes archetypical images and questions stereotypes all while taking the viewer for a trip down memory lane. She says, “I hope that viewers give themselves permission to go wherever their minds take them.” http://www.thisisart.org/


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