Patrick Stauffer

Patrick Stauffer is a 24 year old sculptor who grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania, and attended Gettysburg College, where he majored in Visual Arts. Since leaving college in 2006, Patrick moved to Philadelphia where he hopes to begin and pursue a career in art. He has been passionate about art since a very young age; it is his form of expression. He has been deeply moved by the work of the Cubists, Impressionists, and Expressionists, which has led him to develop his abstract style. Patrick seeks to represent the potentials of the materials and bring them to life. Each has its own set of characteristics that he manipulates. He seeks to discover the beauty and intrigue that lies just beneath the surface. Patrick does not strive to make a social statement or tell a deep narrative, but simply constructs a visually interesting sculpture. His work is rarely titled, because he does not want to define it for the viewer. Instead, Patrick prefers that the sculpture be uniquely significant to each spectator, and that each viewer find their own meaning in his work.

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